Living in the now

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"Freya? Come down for dinner please!"

I smiled at the camera and waved goodbye.

"And cut." I whispered.

I carefully removed the camera from the tripod and put it inside it's case. I could smell my favourite, pasta pesto.

I walked out onto the small landing, keeping my elegant wings tucked in so I didn't knock anything over.

I took two steps at a time, I looked down at the landing, it was empty.

I edged my wings out slightly, enough to support me when I leaned forward, my wings pushed at the air around me as I glided swiftly onto the landing.

I landed softly on my toes.

I danced into the kitchen and sat down, my dad sat opposite me and looked at me sternly.

"For the last time, down fly down the staircase, it's too dangerous!"

I sighed and leaned into my hands.

"Cheer up! Your going to May's party this afternoon, do you think she will want a pink phone case- oh, maybe that's too girly..."

I riled my eyes and laughed.

"Mum! Don't worry about presents, the only thing she is looking for is a boyfriend. Not a pink phone case. Anyway, she's going to be seventeen so I bought a little present."

My mum smiled at me.

"You always are a great friend to her."

Mum kissed my cheek.

"Now you eat up. Then you can see what I have bought for you."

I shovelled pasta into my mouth not as polite as I should, still it tasted great.

I finished and sped up the stairs grinning.

When I opened my bedroom door an incredible mini dress was sat on my bed. It was a gorgeous silk white dress, little slits had been made in the back of it.

I picked up the sleeves and danced around with it until I realised I would be late soon.

I eased into the delicate dress and slapped on some makeup and brushed out my auburn hair.

Now I'm ready for a party!

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