Moving out

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I hadn't thought about moving out, but it so obvious now.

"Move out? But how can we afford it?"

Hero looked a little worried.

"Well, I wasn't really thinking of anywhere near here- I was more thinking of somewhere more private."

I was confused.

"Like- our own place in the world- then there can be more people like us."


"Now. We're going to get your stuff."

When we arrived to this strange place I was suprised to see so many other people here.

"Huh. There are humans here."

Hero laughed.

"Wrong. Werewolves, hybrids, people with magic, dark magic, good magic- anything. It's mythical island. Humans aren't aloud here, also don't be suprised if we get crouded by people. They've never scene people like us- have your wings out at all times or they could easily mistake you."

I smiled and fluttered my wings about. As we got closer heads turned and looks of shock were passed along.

The island was silent.

"Stop." Someone said.

I looked down. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw a huge wolf right at my feet.

"We need proof."

I flew high up into the sky, Hero clutched my hand as we had another dance in the clouds.

"You may enter."

We walked with eyes following us to a huge oak tree, I swear it was glittering.

"This is our home." Hero took my hand again, we drifted through a hole in the tree.

My eyes were transfixed on the room ahead of me. It was like a fairy tale.

The floor looked complete flat, and as if the tree had been split in two, with rings circling round and round in beautiful curving motions.

All of the furniture had literally been carved out of the tree walls. A sofa, bed, bedside table, coffee table and all the counters.

The bed and sofa were covered in an obyiss of velvet cushions and blankets.

There was a retro fridge in the corner, a kettle, a biscuit tin and lamps.

"What do you think?"

"I'm speachless again."

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