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I was nervous, when May had said it was just a little party I thought she ment a little achohol and a slushy movie.

When I stepped out of the car, mum wouldn't let me fly in public, she said she didn't want me scaring the neighbors.

Anyway. I step out of the car and am shocked when I see May's house bulging with people. It looked liked the whole of our school had turned up!

"Freya! Get over here!" May shrieked from the front yard, she had a tight mini skirt and high top on with a a big clear bottle in her hands. She took another swig of it.

"Um- bye mum." I didn't want her to freak seeing that I was going to this kind of party.

I relived when the car had disappeared down the lane.

"May! What the hell is this?"

May look hurt.

"A party- don't you like it?"

Her breath reaked of fresh whisky.

"No no, it's great- there's just a lot of people."

May laughed.

"How'd you think I would find a guy? I had to invite them all. Ha! You'd probably find another one of you if you tried, I think I saw someone-"

I felt hope rising, but then I realised it must be the drink talking.

"Ok. Thanks May. I'm going to- to get a drink."

I quickly escaped her. I've never seen her look so wasted! I decided the gift I got her would be best kept away. Still, it couldn't go to waste.

I poured my self a glass of gin and tonic.

Then I seized the opportunity.

The back garden was crouded as anything, but I could have just enough room to get onto the roof.

I stretched out my wings to their full length, I hadn't done it in so long the length startled me. They were at least three metres, six in total.

Thankfully mostly everyone here was drunk so I hoped they would forget about it by tomorrow.

I beat my wings forcefully down, I could feel the air already, my hair blew about, then my feet no longer touched the ground.

I was airborne in seconds, gliding through the air, the breeze was cold and crisp but refreshing.

I hadn't realised how late it was. I was getting a little worried about this party. I decided to check out the house.

I opened up my wings again and glided down from the roof, a tile slipped from it and shattered to the floor, a couple head looked up and started yelling my name.

I quickly landed and folded my wings back, the house was crouded.

The problem with wings is that they are so big they are always in the way. Not a good idea to be going through crouded spaces. Still I squished through the croud of people, May's house looked very different to how it usually is.

There isn't usually vomit over the floors and there's never been a single thing out of place either.

Suddenly someone crashed right into me, spilling a glass of something all over my dress.

"Oh... sorry- your the angel girl- yeah? You'd be a great match with the other winged guy here! Ha-"

She toppled over and dropped the glass. I didn't like this. I made for the stairs. I tiptoed up to May's bedroom.

I was relieved to see her bedroom empty.

I peeled of the soggy dress and began searching through her drawers of stuff. I couldn't find anything that didn't show of your belly or covered you up properly.

I sighed and pulled out a lacy long sleeved high top. Thankfully I was a little smaller than May so it covered my stomach just a bit more.

You might wonder why I'm so bothered about being covered, it's because I was brought up with my family wanting to draw no more attention than needed.

What with the wings that made it hard, so my parents refused to let me buy anything that didn't cover me almost fully.

Oh well. It is a party.

Suddenly the door burst open. I wrapped my wings around me at the speed of light, I was taken by suprise when no one was there.


I walked out, remembering my shortage of clothes I pulled on some shorts.

I actually look ok.

I would have to pay for another top though, my wings had broken through the material.

Someone appeared in the doorway.

The froze.

"What are you doing?" I was suprised at the sudden harshness of the voice. But it kept echoing through me.

"Put them away! We're in public!"

The figured pushed me to a wall and slammed the door shut.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your wings, put them away someone will see! They don't accept us here."

I was full of confusion.

"Who are you and what do you want, of course they accept me- everyone here does!"

There was a silence even with the loud music downstairs.

The boy let go of me.

"They accept you?"

I nodded slowly and flap my wings in time of my head nodding.

"I have been trying to find someone like me. My parents have no idea how this even happened."

"So it must be you..."

The boy suddenly spun around once and whispered something, a pair of dark wings shot out from his back.

"When I was little I was brought up in a place where no one didn't have wings. For years we had been happy in our own country, then we were found by a traveller who took photos and shared them to the world. No one took lightly to having winged people on their planet. We knew why. They were jelous. So they banished us, they forced us off the land with weapons and fire until the only person left was me. Me and someone else. Because before it all happened the Queen, if you like, used magic on a couple who couldn't have a child to see the out come. To see if the baby would be like us and then to see if they would accept them as their own. We didn't see the result so- so here you are."

He took a breath.

"Im Hero by the way. What about you?"

"Freya." I said. Hero, cute name.

I looked at Hero's face. He had chocolate brown eyes, just like mine, and floppy dark hair.

I think I was going to like this boy.

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