Chapter 3

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Bold: Liam 

Normal: Ivy 

- Incoming Call -

10:40 AM

Unknown Number

"Hello! welcome to subway hotline, how may I help you?"

"Hey annoying."

"Dude, haven't you thought that if you keep dialling the same number you'll keep getting the same results? Maybe, and I'm just going out on a limb here, you should call a different number... OHHHHH the horror."

"Well actually, I just called to ask a question about subway but if you're going to be rude, i'll just go."

"Wait really?"

"Yes really." 

"Oh, um okay then, yeah sure, ask away." 

"What is the recipe for the cookies? because, my goodness they are good."

"I KNOW RIGHT! they are like a piece of heaven gifted to the humans on this earth." 

"They are, they truly are." 


"So.. what's the recipe?"

"I have no idea, sorry." 

"Mhm sure I don't believe you, aren't you supposed to know everything about subway?"

"Believe what you like but I don't know it. And no, I made this subway hotline thing up when I started working here, it's the store phone, I'm just your ordinary everyday working gal." 

"Wow, that was surprisingly upsetting, I thought your actual job was to answer calls about subway and give answers."

"Ha I wish. Anyway, I got to go sorry customers are here, cya!"

"Okay then, bye."

Beep Beep Beep

- Call Ended -


Sorry I haven't been updating lately, schools been pretty stressful and I've had major writers block. I'll try to update more chapters this week. :)  

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