Chapter 26

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Posion's POV

Saturday - Day of the Not-Date

Saturday had rolled around even faster than I expected and before I knew it I was getting dressed and ready to leave. Lanie again helped me pick out my outfit as I was having a mini heart attack in the kitchen, conviently where all the candy was stored. I left for the coffee shop at 5:40 and arrived at 5:55 pm. 

"Hey stranger," Liam says as he falls into the chair across from me at my favourite little coffee shop, "I just ordered a coffee, mind if we stay here for a bit?"

"Are you kidding, I'd love too," I smile and I really meant it. I could spend days in this place if I was allowed. My Soul I by Anna Leone was playing softly throughout the shop, the sound of cutlery being used and the buzz of the coffee machines filled the air and created such a peaceful atmosphere.

Liams coffee was placed on the table no more than two minutes later and after one sip I knew he had fallen in love.

"Wow, this is bloody good coffee," I laughed, they really did have the most amazing coffee in the whole entire world here.

"Yeah it is. Hey, you ready to go? looks like you're finished," Liam nodded and stood up, I followed suit. Liam wasted no time in capturing my hand in his and as a result my stomach housed a million butterflies and my heart was in serious threat of giving out.

After getting in the car we left for the surprise place. We drove for awhile but it felt like nothing. Liam and I had such a connection that we always had something to talk about. Time felt like such an abstract thing, something that just didn't concern us.

Liam pulled onto a gravel road an hour and a half later. Once he had parked the car he leaned into the back and took out a basket. Liam again ran over to open my door and once I was out, captured my hand and led me through a few trees. The otherside was absoutely breathtaking.

It was a beach, hidden from the world.

"Wow," was all I could manage to get out. Liam led us further down the beach to a rug I hadn't noticed was there. He placed the basket he had been carrying on the sand floor and turned to me.

"I thought perhaps maybe we could have a picnic to midnight? I don't know, sorry if it's lame, I just -" I cut him off before he could even continue.

"It's perfect. It's so perfect. I love it." I leant over and hugged Liam like my life depended on it. Unlike last time, this hug wasn't awkward. It felt safe, I felt protected. We pulled away but still stayed close, so close in fact, I could feel his breathe on my face. Liam leant in so that our noses were touching and I swear I stopped breathing.

He was going to kiss me and I was going to let him.

Before I knew it our lips were connected. His lips were so soft, his touch was tender and caring. I felt as if I was melting in his arms right in that moment. The beach was peaceful and silent and when we pulled away, the only sound was our deep breathing.

"I'm sorry, God we hardly know each other, I shouldn't have done that, I-" I stopped him.

"You regret it?" My heart felt heavy.

"What no, of course not. Do you?" I shook my head, I didn't regret this kiss at all, "I just thought I crossed a line."

"You didn't," I replied, Liam nodded his head as if he was saying something to himself as a smile grew on his face.

"So, I guess we should get to know each other a little more then, huh?" I giggled, that was true. If anything was going to happen between us, which I hoped it would, we did need to know each other better.

"Lets start with family," Liam continued, "What are your parents like? are you close?" my heart stopped. This is exactly the conversation I wanted to avoid. If he knew what happened, he wouldn't like me anymore. He'd think the worst. I already lost so many people because of what happened, I couldn't loose more. I couldn't loose him.

"Hey, Posion? What's wrong? is it something I said?" I was already standing by the time Liam had finished his sentence and had grabbed my things.

"I-I have to go, I'm sorry." Liam followed me as I made my way out of the beautiful beach.

"What, why? Posion, stop, talk to me or at least let me take you home. Is this the same thing as before? from the text messages? because if it is you can talk to me. I promise I won't judge you." I had tears in my eyes by the time I had turned around to face him.

"I-I can't, I have to go. Please don't follow me." Liam didn't listen, he followed me.

"Please, at least let me drive you home." I contemplated his offer and decided to accept, we were in the middle of nowhere anyway.

The drive was quiet and it was scary. I knew if I didn't tell him I would ruin something that hadn't even been given the chance to form and grow but I just couldn't spit the words out. Perhaps I shouldn't have freaked out like that, I mean it is Liam afterall. The same guy who didn't know how to cook frozen chips, who helped me name my turtle, who gave me the best kiss of my life but whenever my parents are brought up I can't help freaking out.

I always freak out because they're dead and it is all my fault.

Hey, if anyone is confused this story was previously called Subway Hotline. I changed the name and the cover.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Xx Skittle Lova

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