Chapter 8

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Bold: Liam

Normal: Ivy

- Incoming Call -

11:45 AM

Unknown Number 

"Hello, welcome to the line of conversation all about subway! ask your heart away!"

"Well, that one's unique."

"Why, thank you... I think."

"So, look I've been thinking this calling on work related telephones isn't really working. Maybe we should, I don't know, exchange numbers?"

"Oh, well yeah that's a really good idea I just have one questi- Oh yes, we do have those cookies in stock, mhm, haha no we just make them with love."

"What are you going on about?" 

"Awww that's so sad, I promise i'll set aside some for you, what's your name?"


"Jack! great, thank you so much for the call!"


"Aannnnddd she's gone now, phew that was a close one, yeah you're right it's probably smart to exchange numbers."

"Who's gone? also what was the question you were going to ask me before?"

"Just the scary manager. Oh, and it's nothing don't worry about it. Have you got a pen handy?"

"One second... okay yep I have one."

"Okay great. My number is 0123 *** ***."

"Thanks, i'll text you later, cya."

"Caio amigo."

Beep Beep Beep

- Call Ended -


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