Chapter 9

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Bold: Liam

Normal: Ivy

- Incoming Call -

9:05 AM


"Whoever is calling me at 9 in the morning and waking me up from my precious sleep prepare to die, how rude of you, I was just getting to the best part of my dream! the chocolate cake was about to-"

"I GOT IT!" 


"Your name! after much consideration and google searches and lack of sleep I finally figured it out."

"Liam, mark my words, I. will. kill. you. Couldn't this have waited until like 1:30 today? the time normal people wake up?"

"No normal person wakes up at that time."

"Oh right, I forgot... I'm not normal."

"Well, do you want to know or what? 


"Your name! jeez you really aren't a morning person."

"No schnitzel and yeah tell me."

"Okay, are you ready for this?"


"Alright, and remember I got this on my FIRST clue, so yay me."

"Okay, okay, tell me."

"Alright it is..."

"It is..."




"You are an actual idiot and that's saying something coming from me." 

"What? but, I, um so that wasn't right? I thought it'd be a bit weird but, you know Slytherin is from Harry Potter and his last name is snake and snakes are poisonous, well most are, so I just thought hey maybe your parents were real Harry Potter fans and maybe they changed it up a bit to suit a girl so like Slytherina or something and maybe just maybe your last name was snake so-"

"Please stop talking it's way too early in the day for this."

"Awh man, okay than, give me clue number two."


Beep Beep Beep 

Call Ended 

"Plant? what the hell."


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