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"YOU'RE MY KIDS FROM THE FUTURE?" Marinette shouted.

"Yup." Hugo stated simply.

"Okay, Im sorry, this is a lot to take in." Marinette paced, pulling her pig tails.

"Mommy dont pull your hair! You get mad at me when I do it, but you can do it dosent make sense." Emma complained.

"Sorry Emma." Marinette regained herself.

"Momma its getting dark." Louise squealed in the dark park, hugging her legs as the kids super short.

"Marinette they are your kids, you need to take them home." Tikki stated calmly.

"And what? Hide them in my room? Im 17! And suddenly I have 3 time traveling kids!" Marinette squealed.

"Mom you need to calm down. Grandma and Grandpa need to know, Master Fu said its Okay." Hugo said.

"Wait, you know Im-" Marinette started.

"That Mommy is a superhero? Yah!" Louise laughed, hugging her legs.

"Okay.." Marinette sighed.

"Dont worry Mom, we are YOUR kids. We aint gonna go blabbing this info." Emma said, twirling her pig tails.

"My kids...Wait, how old are you all?"

Hugo sighed and sat down on the park bench. It was quite dark out, but no of them seemend to mind.

"I am 10." Sighed Hugo, scratching his head. "Im the oldest." Hugo was so ready to go back to the Bakery. He had never actually been there, but His Mom, Marinette, had talked fondly of it.

"Im 8." Giggled Emma.

"Im 6. Im a Biiiiiigggg boy!" Louise laughed. Marinette giggled and picked him up and put him on her lap.

"You really are my kids arent you?" She smiled. "Oh my goodness, Im being a terrible mom. Its dark out. Come on, whose ready to meet Grandma and Grandpa?"

Emma and Louise cheered as the held onto Marinettes hands. Hugo huffed and followed pursuit, Tikki sitting on his hair. Tikki smiled at the 10 year old. He had to mature quickly, thats for sure. Tikki didnt know what happens in the futute, but what evet it was, it was bad enough that Hugo was like this.

Marinette lead the 3 into the warm bakery door. Hugo flinched as he heard a loud, booming, but kind, voice. "Marinette? Is that you darling?"

"Yes Papa!" Marinette called. In came running her mom, Sabine, and her Dad, Tom, scooping her into a big hug, not noticing the kids.

"Marinette Dupain Cheng! Where were you, you scared your Fathet and I to death!" Sabine scolded. She softened when she saw the 3 kids standing awkwardly to the side. Emma giggled a little at her teenaged moms forgetfulness.

"Marinette, who are these?" Tom  asked, noticing the 3 kids.

"Mom, Dad, you may want to sit down."

---a long discussion later, and a awkward silence between the kids as their mom Marinette told their granparents stuff.---

"So let me get this straight, Your Ladybug?" Tom asked.

Marinette nodded.

"And this... Kawaii,"


"Right, Kwami, alows you to transform into Ladybug." Tom asked, looking at the little ladybug, feeding her a cookie.

"Thats correct."Marinette smiled. She thought they would take this way bad. Alls well so far.

"So Marinette, that means Emma, Louise, and Hugo are..." Sabine started, looking at the 3 sitting comfortably eating cookies and milk.


"IMMA GRANDFATHER!!" Tom yelled, scooping the 3 in a giant hug.

"Granddaddy your squishing me!" Louise giggled.

"Marinette, whose the father?" Sabine asked, braiding Emmas hair.

"Umm, I don't actually know. Hugo?" Marinette asked, looking at Hugo.

All 3 looked down sadly. Emma started crying a little, and Louise hugged Tom, saddend.

"Hugo, what happened in the future?" Marinette asked slowly.

"T-the r-reason we came back to the past is because Hawk Moth kills you both.." Hugo sniffled.

Everyone looked at the little hugo, shocked.

"Master Fu looked after us for a while you two were dead, he somehow got the earings and ring from Hawkmoth before he was able to do anything bad." Hugo was crying a little. "He used them to send us here, to try and stop that future from happening. As of now, all of that hasnt happened. Master Fu thought that sending us here will save us, you and daddy, and the world."

"Oh Hugo, Emma, Louise!" Marinette cried, scooping them into a giant hug. "We wont let HawkMoth win." It was a giant sob fest for all 4, Tom and Sabine looking sadly at them, Tikki eating a cookie, thinking deeply.

"How about we all go to sleep." Sabine asked, trying to lift the mood.(A/N I totally accidentaly wrote "Dabine" instead of Sabine. Dab-ine.)

"Can we sleep in Mommies Room?" Hugo sniffled.

"Yah. You all can." Marinette sniffled.

------Later that night, everyones Asleep except Emma and Hugo, who are in Marinettes room, everyone asleep----

"Hugo?" Asked a sleepy Emma.

"Yah?" He asked, looking at the sad blondie.

"Master Fu said we had to find Daddy too. Otherwise the future could still happen."

"We can find him. Don't worry Emmie." He patted his little sisters hair.

"Okay Hugo. Good night." Emma yawned, falling asleep.

Things are going to get interesting. Mwhahhaha.

What about Chat Noir? Hmmmmmm.

-Karmaaa 😋

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