Escaping from Alya's Wrath

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Louise looked worridly at his parents who were getting an earful from Alya and Nino.

His 6 year old brain thought the best way to get out of this awkward situation. He quickly whispered his plan to his siblings who were sitting to the side of An Angry Banana Alya and Nino, who were going on about how her best friend was Ladybug, how they get married, ect.

"AUNTIE ALYA!" Louise shouted, jumping and hugging her.

"Uncle Nino!" He laughed too, hugging both of them.

"Uncle and Aunt?" Nino asked, looking at a confused Alya.

"Yah! Auntie Alya, Uncle Nino! You too get married!" He giggled, Emma and Hugo pushing the two confused teens closer together.

"m-m-married?" Nino stuttered.

"Wha???" Alya asked.

"Yup!" Hugo smiled.

"You two and your twins are our cousins!" Emma giggled.

"TWINS?" Alya shouted.

Marinette and Adrien watch their kids distract Alya and Nino. Hugo gestured for them to run while they distracted them.

As Adrien and Marinette ran towards the Guardians place, directed by Tikki and Plagg, Adrien whispered to Marinette.

"Our kids are amazing Marinette."

"Hehe Yah."

"Marinette, I love you."



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