Chats Vision

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-the gif aint mine but its gorgeous. Whoever made I applaud you.-

Adrien sat on the side of his bed, sighing dreamily.

"Kid whats got ya worked up so much?" Plagg asked, eating his stinky cheese.

"That akuma.... It hit me and I saw my future Plagg!"

"Kid. Its like 12 pm. You need to go to sleep."

"But my future Plagg! Im gonna have a family!" Adrien Sighed happily. "I saw a little girl, and two adorable little boys Plagg. I get a family Plagg."

"Who is the mother than kid?" Plagg yawned.

"THATS JUST IT PLAGG." Adrien groaned, burring his face in his pillow. "da stupod vishion didont sho me who she is" His voice muffled by the pillow.

"Kid, its just a dream." Plagg yawned, but averted his eyes to Adriens giant window. "Wow, kid look at this."

Adrien marveled at the giant light floating over the park. He squinted as it flashed brightly, and then disappeared.

"Plagg, what was that?" Adrien looked at his Kwami.

"Time Travel? The Absolute power.." Plagg whispered.

"TIME TRAVEL? WHAT IS IT PLAGG?!" Adrien yelled, shocked.

"Nah its nothing actually.  Go to sleep Kid." Plagg dismissed Adrien with a little wave, looking out at the park.

"Hnmph. Whatever Plagg." Adrien grouched, flopping into his bed. 

---Adriens vision when he got hit by the Akuma---

He laughed as the little blonde haired, blue eyed girl screamend in delight as he spun her around. "Daddy!" She laughed. She hopped down, and ran over to the little boy nearby. He had a nearly orangish hair.

"Hey papa! He shouted gleefully. He hugged Adriens legs, as the little boy was so short.

"Let go of Daddy!" Shouted another, the oldest, with blue hair and eyes. "Come on Papa! Lets go find Mama!"

"Ya!" The others yelled, pulling Adrien along in the white abyss. He heard a heavenly like laugh, and he saw a femine like figure.

This was farther than he ever got in the vision.

The little kids ran up to the girl, and her blue hair tied in pigtails bounced as she picked up the little girl.

She turned and smiled at Adrien, her outfit being white and flowy, with a little pink flower decorating it. However, her eyes were surrounded by a red and black spotted mask.

Adrien woke up, panting, in a cold sweat. The morning sun poured in the window, and never before was he so glad he didnt have school.

He thought of the girl in his vision. It was Ladybug for sure, but she had more of an Secret-Identity auroa about her.

He thought of the flower on her dress. Where had he seen the little pink flower before?

He brushed the thoughts away. He just needed to calm down and figure out what the light was last night.

Ya. Thats what he would do.

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