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Last minute  chapter. You lucky bugs, consider yourself blessed.
Oh and thanks for reading this far! In all honesty I didn't think anyone wouls read this. So thanks.

Marinette slowly opened her eyes. She was laying on her couch, and people were surrounding her.


She looked up to see beautiful green eyes staring into her own. Adrien Agreste.


"Umm, you sorta passed out? I carried you home. Hugo showed me." He chuckled sheepishily.

She looked around, Emma and the boys were standing off to the side, with Tom and Sabine too.

"Daddy and Mommy are super silly aren't they Grandma?" Little Louise giggled, Sabine picking him up.

"Well dearie, they just learned they get married, and that they are partners all along little one." Sabine chuckled at how Ton stiffened a little at "married".

Adrien flinched a little too, and he stood to face Marinette's parents.

"Are you guys okay with this? I mean knowing me and Marinette are going to get married and everything?" Adrien looked down sheepishly. "I know I'm not the best, My mother disappeared, my fathers is sorta neglectful, and I model just to make them happy. In all honesty before I knew Marinette was Ladybug I was sorta crushing on her too, as well as Ladybug, but I pushed the thoughts away as I thought I was betraying Ladybug, who was actually Marinette. I know I am not perfect, I have these stupid cat puns I stutter out when I'm nervous, and In all honesty I am surprised I havent said one yet, but.." Adrien looked up, and over at Marinette who was still laying on the couch.

"But I really do love your daughter and it would be amazing if I got to know that you would approve of me, just Adrien. Im not as claw-some or as Purr-fect as your daughter, and oh man the cat puns, but would it be okay If in the future I would be aloud to marry your daughter?" Adrien looked down, avoiding Eye contact.

Hugo and Emma ran over to Adrien and Marinette, hugging both. Louise looked at His grandpa and ma pleadingly. Though he was young, he still knew that the baby-doll eyes always work in these situations. Sabine looked at Tom too, affirming that she was TOTALLY FINE WITH THIS SWEET BOY AS HE WAS SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS AND AN ANGEL.

Tom sighed, and before scooping Adrien AND Marinette into a huge hug, boomend loudly,


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