At The Park

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"Louise, Emma, Hugo, time to wake up. Grandpa made crossaints for breakfest." Marinette said, gently shaking them awake.
Louise smiled and ran down the trap door and stairs, Hugo quickly following too. Emma did too, but she tripped. Luckily Hugo had caught her, as if he expected her to fall.
Like mother like daughter.

Marinette sighed as she tidied her room. It was so hard to think about, this, time travel what not. She had just turned 17, with dreams of a future with Adrien, and suddenly bwamo her future kids fall out of the sky, escaping a dark fututre, who are now trying to prevent it from happebing.

"Don't worry Marinette, everything will be okay. If Hawkmoth does succesfully get the earings and ring in the future we can always get then back." Tikki smiled.

"Tikki, thats just it. The future was bad. Bad enough that Me and Chat Noir die, bad enough that my kids are there when it happens. Bad enough that they turn back time to escape that reality. Tikki, I still don't even know who the dad is." Marinette looked at the floor sadly. "All I know is that they die too."

Tikki was about to say something, but Tom, (Dad, Grandpa, whatever) called her down for food.

"Good morning Marinette!" Sabine smiled, handing her a crossaint as she sat down.

"Good Morning Mama, Papa, Emma, Louise, Hugo." She replied, smiling at her kids. Man, was she lucky to have wonderful, beautiful children.

"Morning Mommy!" Louise giggled, running up to her and hugging her. Marinette promptly picked up the little 6 year old, setting him on her lap.

"Momma, could we go to the park?" Emma asked suddenly.

Marinette didnt see why not. Alya was out of town, and if any one else asked she could say they were her younger cousins.
"I don't see why not, Mama, Papa, me and the kids are going to the park." Marinette called.

"Okay dearie, but be careful!" Tom warned.

"Papa I'm Ladybug, and they are my kids. I am the emodiment of careful." Marinette called. Tikki laughed thinking of a few times when Marinette could of been safer. Like with that dinosaur.

Emma and Hugo laughed and ran ahead as soon as they hit the park. Emma jumped on the swing, and Hugo pushed her. Marinette smiled at his manners.

"Mommy can I go swing too?" Little Louise asked, who was holding Marinettes hand.

"Come on Louise, lets go swing." She laughed, picking him up and walking over where Emma and Hugo were.

They swung for a few minutes, and soon enough they were playing on the slides. Marinette was glad no-one else was here at the park yet.

"Momma! Momma! Look at me!" Emma called, laughing as she slid down the big slide.

"Your so Brave Emma! Going down the biggest slide!" Marinette laughed, helping louise down a smaller one.

A couple more minutes went by, when suddenly all 3 kids went silent on top of the play park, looking at something.

"What is it Hugo?" Marinette asked, trying to pin point what they were looking at.

Hugo only pointed.

There was Adrien Agreste hinself, walking in the park, head down, deep in thought.

Adrien looked up and smiled, waving at Marinette, who had spotted her. (haha that was intentional I swear) Marinette waved sheepishly back, forgetting her kids, staring.

"DADDY!" Emma yelled, running down the slide basically, and as quick as a blink, was hugging Adrien.

Adriens face showed true confusion, as he picked up Emma, and looking at Marinette. Marinettes face was a huge red as Louise and Hugo ran over as fast as their legs could carry them, pulling Adrien into a hug.

"Emma, Hugo, Louise, get off of Adrien!" Marinette panicked, running over, picking up Lousie with one hand, putting him by her one side, grabbing Hugo behind her, and Emma to her other side. "Omi gosh I am soo sorry Adrien." Marinette rambled, face as red as tomatoe kids hair.

"Marinette?" Adrien asked, looking at her purely shocked. Those are the same kids in the vision, omi gosh they even did the same thing except Marinette wasnt Ladybug- Oh my gosh that flower on her shirt! She IS Ladybug! Plagg said something about Time Travel, holy cats these are my kids. THESE ARE MY FUTURE KIDS AND WIFE I DO GET A FAMILY HOLY COW.

"y-yeah?" Marinette stammerd

"You're Ladybug." Adrien stated plainly. "And these are our kids."

Marinette stared at him, shocked. She looked at Hugo, who nodded his head slowly.

"Mommy, your Ladybug and he's Chat Noir." Emma said, looking happily at the two, but her eyes were a little sad.

"Wahh?" She gasped.

Adrien nodded.

This was way too much information in a short amount of time.

Marinette fainted right there on the spot.

Authors Note: No children were harmend when she fainted. It was more of a forward faint and Adrien totally catches her.

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