Took That Surprisingly Well

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Hahaha authors note...
Okie so this is going to be one of the last chapters. :(
But thats okay though because then I can start a new story! :)
So I have  a few ideas, and I know there is a million of these ones already, but they are cute and fun to read so deal with it my Jelly Beans.

1) Marinettes actually a princess. (Le* Gasp there is only a million of these already, but I just really want to write it. Lets add some Chloe Drama and some burns. )

2) Island crash (Again, a million of these, but it would be a cute bonding thing between the class mates.)

3) Masquerade Ball Drama
(this would probably be short)

4) Gym Class Reveal (this would be hillarious)

so yahhhhh tell me what you think, and comment your own ideas too if you want too. Again there is a million of these already but Author Senpai dont care.

Master Fu looked worridly at Marinette and Adrien.
They had just finished telling them the situation.
" all very alarming.." Master Fu said worridly, stroking his gray beard.

"Yup..." Adrien said, Rubbing his hands worridly.

"I believe the best way to prevent this future from happening is to find Hawkmoth and destroy him now." Marinette stated calmly, though you could see the worry.

"Right you are." Master fu stroked his beard some more.

"Do we even know who HawkMoth is?" Adrien said

"I do, but the knowledge may destroy you both, particularly you, Adrien."

"What?" Marinette said.

"Do you wish me to tell you who he is?"

"Yes." Adrien said, taking Maris hand.

"Hawkmoth is none other than Gabriel Agreste, your father."

Adriens eyes clouded over. He shook his head, and they regaines their normal spark. "Guess we oughta go get him then?"

"You okay Adrien?"

"Never better. I am gonna get payback."

"Well then, you two must leave immediately."


Oh my poor Adrien.


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