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HEY GUYSSS okay sooooo someone asked me on one of ny accounts on something(i 4get what its called sorry) asked what exactly happens in the future. If you can guess I will tell you guys, but otherwise you will have to wait.  Sorry my Little Squishy Jelly Beans.

Marinette sat uneasily in her chair. She had left the 3 at home, to be babysat by Granpa/ma why she was at school. She could trust her parents, no doubt about it, but if what Hugo said was true, after they had a huge hug fest, it would be that Hawkmoth would for sure know that they had time traveled.
Thanks Nooroo, just have to tell Hawky about the Timey-Whimey, Wibbilly Wobbily Stuff. (okay my Jelly Beans, is it Nuru, Nooroo, Noru or Nuroo. I dont even know)

After Tom had "claimend" Adrien with his giant hug, He and Marinette decided it would be better to hide their relationship as Adrientte. Ladynoir however would totally be fine, just to keep the press and Alya off their heels.

Speaking of which, Alya, Nino, and basically the entire class havent met or seen Emma, Hugo, and Louise yet. Marinette was worried that something would happen and they would figure out their secrets.

She was off in La La Land daydreaming and worrying about her kids when their was a loud noise.


She looked at Adrien, who had turned his head to look at Marinette, thinking the same thing. Akuma.

The teacher quickly dismissed them and everyone scattered, Alya and Nino going together to watch the fight, leaving Marinette and Adrien alone in the class room.

Adrien smirked and looked at Marinette, who nodded.




Okay tiny chapter. But this is only because the next chapter is gonna be big. Mwhahah. I am evening things out a bit.

Oh and I know that the "Claws out" and "Spots on" should of probably been used but I wanted them to say it together. You know, couple bonding.


Im super excited for the next chappie.


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