They are Doomend

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It was hours later when they finally realized this was getting no-where.

Timeshadow would throw a ball of shadow, disappear, or taunt them.

Ladybug and Chat Noir were exhausted, and injured from being thrown around. Pretty badly, must I say. It wasnt as bad as it could be however, thank you Tikki, thank you Plagg.

"have you two given up yet?" Shadow hummend, floating above them. It was nightfall now, and Ladybug could barely see. Chat Noir was holding her hand, pushing and pulling, and in some cases, carrying her away from danger.

Marinette would usually push him off , but given the certain circumtances, and the fact that ADRIEN was doing it, and the fact that HE WAS HER FUTURE HUSBAND, she would let him save her life.

TimeShadow growled at their breathless response. He formend a spear of shadows, and knocked Chat Noir away. Ladybug was left in the dark. "Chat?!" She cried.  She heard him panting tiredly by the side far back, probably on a fellow roof.

She would find him, but she couldn't see a thing.


Ladybug gripped her side, swing her yo yo with her other hand. Her side was bleeding a little. She got knocked into a building with a broken side, and though her suit was powerful, it couldnt stop everything. Tikki was probably exhausted.

"Give me your Miraculous!" TimeShadow fumend.

"Never!" Ladybug growled.

"Your choice." TimeShadow shrugged. Time raised their hands over their head, a huge ball of black shadow forming. He smiled mercilessly. He launched the ball at Ladybug.

"LADYBUG!" Chat cried.

Ladybug spun her yo yo like a sheild. She doubted the yo yo could stop it. Dread filled her stomach.

The ball was feet away.

Ladybug closed her eyes.

And everything flashed a bright light.

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