You'll Look Out For Them

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Sooo close to the end... 😥
Makes me feel a little sad.

Tom, Sabine, Nino, Alya, Emma, Louise, and Hugo sat/stood looking at the two teens who were about to leave the door.

"Mommy Dont Go! Daddy Please stay!" Louise cried.

"Deary do you have too?" Sabine sniffled.

"Gurrrl if you die so help me." Alya sobbed, crying on Ninos shoulder.

"Dont wory we will be back soon." Marinette smiled sadly, rubbing louise's fluffy hair, and hugging everyone.

"Mom? Dad?" Hugo asked, stopping them fron calling their kwamis into a transformation.

"Yes Hugo?" Adrien said.

"Dont die okay?"

Adrien and Marinette only smiled at them.

Wahhh Im sorrrryyyyyy

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