chapter seventeen

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"The panda is the captain!"

Camila bursts into a fit of giggles at the words, kissing the top of a sleeping Lauren's head. "I want to see the dreams that relate to whatever outburst you have."

Lauren stays quiet and unresponsive, obviously, and Camila just holds her as an episode of Game of Thrones plays on the TV. Lauren had forced herself to stay awake even though it's one of those days where she'd usually have a nap, and she'd finally let herself fall asleep when they'd played an episode that didn't have Daenerys in, so it's fine if I sleep.

Lauren shifts in her sleep and her shirt rides up, exposing her pale stomach, and Camila traces gentle patterns across her skin, drawing masterpieces in invisible ink. This means something, Camila means something, and even if it might be too soon, she's planning on making Lauren hers, and then immediately telling her mom when she says yes. Even though Dinah likes to claim the title, Sinu really is Camila's best friend.

Carefully, Camila detaches herself from Lauren and pauses the episode, walking over to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. Lauren shifts, sprawling back on the couch, arms wrapping around one of the pillows they keep on there. It's clearly not a good substitute for Nala, because she blinks, dropping the pillow and yawning. "What time is it?"

"You only slept for like, half an hour," Camila assures her, taking a sip of her water and crossing back over to the couch. She sits down next to Lauren, giving her a few moments to wake up properly. "Hi, cutie."

"Hallo," Lauren yawns again, and her head lands on Camila's shoulder with a small thump. "We still on the boring, no Daenerys episode?"

"Yeah, but it's not boring," Camila laughs, "the other characters are just as good."

"Mhm, sure, let's pretend that's true," is Lauren's groggy reply, "I forgot to tell you when I got here, I have a song idea. For the cover you're forcing me into."

"Yeah, I totally forced you to say yes," Camila rolls her eyes, "but sure, give me your suggestion and I'll learn it. If I like it."

"Well, they're both Paramore songs, and definitely their most overrated, but either Still Into You or The Only Exception." Lauren says, and Camila can get behind The Only Exception. Admittedly, it's the only Paramore song she knows, and that's only because Lauren was such a big fan when they were younger. "I would suggest my favourite, but it's not that happy, and I figured you'd want something cheesy."

"No, no, what's your favourite?" Camila asks. "We can sing whatever you want."

"Well, either Pressure, Turn it Off or Misguided Ghosts, but like I said, you wanted something cheesy, so..." Lauren trails off, "we'll do The Only Exception, because I know you know it."

"Alright, I'll figure out the chords on my guitar and we'll film like... next week or something," Camila decides, promising herself she'll start learning it tonight. "But I'm definitely going to listen to those other songs, now I know they're your favourites."

"Camz, you don't have to, I know you're not into that stuff," Lauren blushes, but Camila just shakes her head, already making a mental note to learn at least one of them on guitar to sing to Lauren at a later date. "It's fine, seriously."

Camila just kisses the top of her head. "Don't worry about it, I like doing things that make you happy. It makes me smile to see-"

"Oh my gosh, and who do we have here!" Ally bursts into the room, Dinah following her with her camera, and Camila sees the signature blonde Yolanda wig. She takes one look at Lauren's what the fuck expression and cracks up. "It's the internet's favourite couple! Camren! Can I get an interview? You know, everyone loves my videos, I'm so famous you won't believe it! Give us a statement!"

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