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thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, it's been fun

(wouldn't actually be opposed - lmao - to a sequel in the future if people are interested and i can think of a decent enough idea for it)

also i am writing an actress!lauren + fan!camila au at the moment which will be up soon, still not sure if i wanna do chapters or a one shot, it would all be the same length just different format so pls leave ur opinion here thx ok enjoy the epilogue



Camila whirls around, bunch of bananas in hand. Lauren bites down on her bottom lip and sends her a shy smile, pulling her in for a quick kiss.

"Hi," Camila replies, "I was just coming to meet you after class."

"Got out early. I was going to grab us some snacks before I came over to annoy you," Lauren's fingers find their way between Camila's and she pulls her towards the checkouts. "Clearly you've already decided on your snacks."

Camila laughs. "Well, I might've realised I was running low on bananas."

"And by running low, you mean you had at least one full bunch," Lauren snorts in amusement, "it's like you have to have a permanent supply."

"I do have to have a permanent supply," Camila teases her, and as she puts her bananas through the self-checkout, Lauren pays for them before she can. Not making a big deal about it, she claps her hand to her heart dramatically and announces, "wow, I just fell even more in love with you. Thanks, babe."

Lauren flashes her a bright smile. "You're welcome, Camz."

"Can I vlog?" Camila asks, tucking her receipt into her pocket and pulling her little vlog camera out. When Lauren nods, she turns the camera on and says, "hi! Happy Monday, welcome back to another vlog, I'm here with my beautiful girlfriend. Lauren, hold my bananas."

Lauren snorts with laughter, but takes the bananas from her girlfriend and follows her out of the store. "How many of these vlogs have you done in total?"

"Almost 150," Camila says, flashing a grin at the camera, "you're welcome for the hours of amazing content, even though the first fifty aren't as aggressively homosexual as the ones that occurred after Lauren and I started dating."

"Um, I'll have you know I'm aggressively bisexual, actually. Get it right, loser," Lauren flashes her a teasing grin, "but I'm pretty sure all of your vlogs are overtly gay. Since, you know, you are."

"Mhm, always have been, baby," Camila smiles, kissing Lauren's cheek, "and you love it."

"What?" Lauren acts totally bewildered. "Where did you get that idea from?"

"Don't deny it, princesa. Otherwise we wouldn't have been together for a year and a half," Camila grins, turning back to the camera and announcing, "yes, I am fully aware that we're the cutest couple to ever exist, but please keep commenting it anyway."

"Anyway, we're not doing anything interesting, so I'll see you later, bye," Camila turns the camera off and tucks it back into her pocket, taking Lauren's hand and holding out her other hand out for her bananas. "I won't burden you with my bananas."

"Alright," Lauren smiles, and when Camila's keys jingle in her hand, she asks, "we're going to your place?"

"Won't be my place for much longer," Camila says, flashing Lauren a small smile, "in a month, we'll have our own place together. And you'll be a college graduate."

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