chapter twenty

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this is the longest chapter yet enjoy

also since they're probably all gonna die in episode 3, RIP half the cast of GOT


"This doesn't feel right."

Camila rolls her eyes, grabbing Lauren by the wrist and pulling her out of the taxi. "It's fine, I've told you a million times."

She's getting a little weary of reassuring her, if she's being honest. For her birthday, Ally, Dinah and Normani had decided to take Camila on a vacation to Barcelona, and the dates just so happened to be the week of Lauren's Spring break. The Spring break Camila had promised she'd spend with her.

Obviously, she's not about to turn down her birthday present, so she'd booked an extra ticket, and they'd booked two rooms at the hotel, which means the three girls can go in together and Camila gets to stay with Lauren. But when she'd presented her plan to Lauren, the older girl had shut her down immediately.

"No, I can't accept that, sorry," Lauren had replied, and Camila's face fell, "I can't just disappear off on a vacation I didn't earn."

"Lauren," Camila pouted, "it's my birthday trip, and I promised I'd spend Spring break with you. Don't turn me into a promise breaker."

Lauren had sighed, but shook her head no. "I'm sorry, I wouldn't feel right just taking that."

"Well... well, I never paid you for the fast food video!" Camila excused easily. "This is your payment."

"The free food was my payment, and I've told you a million times, you don't need to pay me to make videos with you, I do it because it's fun and it makes you happy," Lauren rolled her eyes, "so, I'm sorry, but I'm not going."

Camila had pretended to accept that, but really, she hatched a plan. This morning, she'd walked right into Lauren's apartment with her key, packed a suitcase while the older girl slept, woke her up and told her the taxi would be there in twenty minutes. Lauren had protested, and Camila had practically dragged her up, telling her that she'll force her to the airport in her pyjamas if she didn't get ready.

Begrudgingly, Lauren had gotten ready to go, and the moment she walked out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth, Camila had grabbed her and pulled her out of the apartment, down the stairs and into the taxi.

Lauren had been grumbling the entire taxi ride to the airport, and she's still grumbling now. For a free vacation, it's like it's basically a chore to her, but Camila doesn't care about her bad mood. She'd got her girlfriend here, and that's what mattered.

"Can I carry your bags, at least?" Lauren asks her, and Camila nods; she can let that happen if it'll make Lauren feel better. "Thanks."

She's still in a bad mood, so Camila just kisses her cheek and sends her the brightest smile. "I know you don't feel right about this, but I'm really happy you're here. It wouldn't be the same if you weren't."

Lauren doesn't respond, just drags both of their suitcases along until they find one of the luggage trollies. When she's pushing that along, and Camila brandishes their passports as they head to check in, she sighs. "I can't believe you actually remembered that."

"Lucy told me where you keep yours," Camila shrugs, "now can you lighten up? You're coming on vacation with me and that's final, so you might as well be happy about it. It's a free trip!"

"That's why I'm not happy about it." Lauren mutters, and even though Camila is sure she wasn't supposed to hear that, she does. "Fine. I guess I'll lighten up."

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