Prologue: How We Became Friends!

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It was my first day of middle school in a new country, I've never been to Japan before. Luckily my parents gave me lessons on Japanese before we had to move, I was still terrible at it though.

When I arrived at the faculty office, my nerves were getting the better of me. 'Would I mess up my introduction? Will I forget to bow? What if I accidentally spoke English instead!?' All these thoughts flooded my mind, getting worse as my teacher lead me to my classroom. When we arrived my teacher told me to wait outside, she tried to reassure me but that didn't help me whatsoever.

When I could finally enter the classroom I was so nervous I did end up introducing myself in stuttering English. I had to repeat myself in the proper language, causing some of my new classmates to laugh at me. I felt so embarrassed that I stayed silent for the rest of class.

By the time lunch came around my classmates surrounded me, asking me about my home country, America, and what it was like. I tried my best to answer, but I could tell some were making fun of my terrible Japanese. Others didn't seem to mind at least, testing their English on me even! But as I looked at everyone to put a name to a face of my classmates, I noticed one sitting by himself.

He had pink hair and pink lollipop looking hair clips from what I could see, as his back was facing me. I was curious at the time, wasn't being arrogant but, 'Wouldn't anyone be curious of someone from another country?' I didn't voice out this thought though, not like I had to. A classmate saw my stare and told me about the pinkette.

"Oh, that's Saiki Kusuo. He's really quiet, he doesn't have any friends from what I see." That had made me more curious, and at that moment I felt sad for the boy, for I knew what is was like to be alone. With that I had stood up and walked over to the pinkette, ignoring my classmates.

"Hi! As you know, I'm (Y/- I mean! (L/n) (Y/n)! I heard you don't have friends? Let me be your first!" I said in my best Japanese, smiling at the boy. He looked at me blankly, no emotion shown on his face. I wanted to be nice at the time, as someone deserves a friend.

'No thank you, I don't need friends.'

I was stunned for a bit. "Y-you sure? Everyone needs a friend."

'Well I don't, now leave me alone please.'

Still being shocked I nodded and returned to my desk, listening to my classmates consult me over the whole thing. It only went in one ear and out the other, only one thought went through my mind, 'Everyone needs at least one friend. Saiki Kusuo, I will be your one friend.'

The next few days I spent as much time as I could to become Saiki's friend, all were in failure but I never gave up. I remember him getting more annoyed at my attempts but I didn't noticed or cared at the time, I wanted to be his friend. It didn't help Saiki that we turned out to be neighbors, causing Saiki's mom to join my side.

It came to a point when I did notice his annoyed face everytime I had been near him. I felt bad, realizing I was forcing myself onto him to become friends. After the realization, I stepped back and let him be by himself.

I wouldn't know what happened at the Saiki household after I made that decision until told later.


"Ku-chan, what's wrong? You look upset."

'I'm not.' Kusuo grunted towards his mother, watching the TV. Though, he didn't process the show or the thoughts flooding his head because of his own thoughts.

"But you're scowling! Did something happen at school?" Kurumi asked, looking at her child in worry.

'Nothing did. I'm actually happy, that girl decided to finally leave me alone.'

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