Chapter 9: Beach Fun! | Love Rival Arrives!

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"Hey Partner! Wanna go to the beach?" Nendou-kun asked, standing in the doorway of Kusuo-kun's house. "Oh? Hey (L/n)-chan!"

"Hi Nendou-kun!" I smiled, taking some joy in Kusuo-kun's slightly annoyed face.

"K-K-Kuu-chan's friend!?" Kurumi-san exclaimed beforing crying in joy. "This is the first time Kuu-chan invited a friends over that wasn't (N/n)-chan!"

"Oh? Saiki I didn't know you had a sister!" Nendou-kun's statement made the woman cry more. The two continued to talk until he mentioned the beach.

"Oh you're gonna take Kuu-chan to the beach? How nice!"

"Yep, I was gonna invite (L/n)-chan too. Good thing I don't have to find her house!" Nendou-kun laughed.

"Ooh! Hurry up you two, go get ready!"

"I would love to but-"

'I'm not going, I can't be both-' Kusuo-kun and I started before being interrupted by his mother.

"Your friend came all this way to invite you. You're both going to the beach."


"I never thought your mother's wrath would be aimed at me at any point." I said shivering from the memory of her glare. "I knew she was scary but I couldn't imagine the fear I felt when those eyes stared at me."

After changing into my swimsuit I walked out of the changing room. Looking around until I see Kusuo-kun's pink hair.

"Come on you guys! The water is so refreshing!" I heard Nendou-kun shout at the other two on the sand.

"Sorry for taking too long guys!" I said, running up to them.

"It's okay!" Nendou-kun smiled, before noticing my swimsuit. "Whoa! You look amazing in that (L/n)-chan!"

"Y-you think so?" I asked, starting to get self conscious. "Th-thank you."

After setting down my own towel I went into the water to swim. Of course Nendou-kun joined and we had a splash fest. Only until after a few minutes of the water fight did we notice the other two staying under the umbrella.

"Why are you guys just staying on the beach? The water is so refreshing!" I exclaimed. Nendou-kun and Kaidou-kun started to argue, ending with Kaidou-kun needed saving from Hairo-kun because he can't swim.

"Oh Hairo-kun! So nice to see you!"

"You too (L/n)-chan!"

"What are you doing here?" Nendou-kun asked. "Ya came here to swim too?"

"No, I'm volunteering as a lifeguard." Hairo-kun explained. "Well I'm going back to work. If you need help just yell!" Soon someone shouted that they were drowning.

"I'LL SAVE YOU!!" Hairo-kun dashed away immediately after hearing that shout.

"Wow, volunteering in this heat?"

"Saiki-kun, you aren't gonna swim?" I asked as I sat next to him.

'Don't worry about me. Go have some fun.' I pouted a little.

"Geez, that guy doesn't understand the sea! It's meant to be looked at not swimmed in!" Kaidou-kun said as he took out two hoop floats. "But if you want to go in I have an extra on for you Saiki."

'No thanks.' Kusuo-kun replied. 'You can act chummy if you want but at least I know how to swim.'

'Kusuo-kun! Be nice!' I sighed, resting my head on Kusuo-kun's shoulder. 'You know for an all powerful psychic, you sure are boring sometimes.'

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