Chapter 10: House Sitting! | Spirits?

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"Wait a minute! You were in that box!?" I exclaimed at Kusuo-kun after he finished explaining what happened a few nights ago. Apparently the show that magician was doing had tricked Kusuo-kun too, making him teleport into the box and having to survive the various deadly things happening to said box. "Geez Kusuo-kun, you sure are smart aren't cha?"

'Can it.'

"Alright alright, calm down dude. You know I'm messing with ya." I take a sip of barley tea and sigh. "Geez it's hot, I feel like I'm melting. Can you tell me why you're parents are gone again?"

'They're at a wedding. And you know how I feel about those.'

"Right, same thing you feel about almost everything. You barely like anything or anyone." I set the cup down and sprawled myself out on the couch, setting my feet on Kusuo-kun's lap.

'Can you not?'

"What?" I raise my right foot, getting it a bit close to his face.

'Seriously? What are you? A child?' I raise my foot higher, until to came to contact to his nose. Suddenly he grabs my foot and drags me towards him with his great strength. Making my butt hit the side of his leg.

"Whoa! Jesus dude! Look I won't do that again okay!? You didn't have to pull my leg so hard." I whine, still feeling his grip on my ankle. Then something soft starts touching the bottom of my foot, tickling me aggressively. Before I could let a word out I started laughing like crazy.

"K-Kusuo-k-kun! St-stop!" I yell in between laughs, my lungs burning from lack of oxygen. "Pl-please! I c-can't br-breathe!"

I get no response, but the tickling stops. I immediately takes deep breaths to stop my lungs from burning. Once my breathing finally regulates, Kusuo-kun starts tickling me again. As I laughed, I feel hands tickling my sides as something still tickles my feet.

"N-no more!" I pleaded, laughing so loud you'd think I'm actually being murdered. I open my eyes to see Kusuo-kun above me, glaring down at my laughing face. "Please! Y-you're gonna k-kill me!"

'Oh please, you won't actually die from this.'

"I-I will if you d-don't st-stop!" My lungs have been burning for about a minute until before Kusuo-kun stops. I take deeps breathes as I try to relieve my lungs. "Thank god, my sides hurt now. What was all that? You call me a child, then you do this crap."

'Children get childish punishments.'

"Hmm? But I'm not a child, I'm almost an adult women!" I yelled, trying my best not to pout. "And I deserve to be treated like one!"

'Oh really?' I didn't notice but his face had gotten closer to mine, the reason I didn't was because I had turned my head and made eye contact with something terrifying. 'You're saying you deserve to get punished like an adult?'

I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying, seeing the disgusting creature crawl towards me. I screamed, immediately wrapping my arms around the pinkette. "Spider!"


"Geez I'm sorry I screamed in your ear. Okay? But in my defense you didn't have to teleport to freakin' Texas!" I exclaimed as I set my feet down on the dirt ground, letting go of Kusuo-kun.

'Good grief.'

"Hey! Don't berate me on my fear of spiders! You're afraid of all bugs! Even harmless butterflies and ladybugs!" I pointed at him, he didn't respond due to me being right and just turned away thinking. "Look let's go back, isn't there that delivery you need to sign for?"

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