Chapter 12: Invisible Escape! | Dangers of Relationships

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Hey it's a beginning author's note!

Wait...where are you going?

Don't skip me!

Let me at least warn you first!


You there?


So most of this chapter will be in Kusuo's perspective. This'll be interesting for me cause how I write his perspective is honestly really lazy, but he's an all powerful psychic that breaks the forth wall the entire show. What do you expect?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Please tell me what you think about the story so far, I would love to know! Criticisms are welcomed, I would love to know how to improve to make this story more...believable and realistic I'll say?

With that said, enjoy!!


It's four o'clock. If I leave now I'll be able to make it in time. There's a TV show at five pm that I can't miss. The anime Health Ranger Specializer, don't think it's for kids though. Well actually, of course you wouldn't, you're already anime fans.

Anyway, the last episode is airing today. Me and (Y/n) always watched the anime together, so I had planned to get some (f/s) for her as a way to apologize for my behavior recently.

To be honest...I don't know what's gotten into me, ever since that perverted medium told me about (Y/n)'s and my guardian spirits had really bothered me. Of course I don't believe in all that nonsense, it's been in the back of my mind. Me and (Y/n) fated?

What utter nonsense. Actually speaking of (Y/n), I haven't seen her outside of class. I know she can't teleport but she seems to disappear too easily.

She's most likely in this hallway-...On second thought I won't go that way, Kaidou is there.

'I just finished the secret hideout in the cool abandoned building I found last week! I have to show this to Saiki and (L/n)-chan about this! Our secret hide- no wait...Our "Headquarters of Protection"!!'

I'll pass, also what's with you and 'protecting' (Y/n)? I know you don't feel that way about her, so why?

Whatever, I'll just use this stairway then-...Actually let's use another one. Hairo is down there.

"Saiki-kun and (L/n)-chan aren't here huh?"

'Since Saiki-kun and (L/n)-chan was a big help the other, even though (L/n)-chan had to leave early, I wanted to invite them to my sports gym as a form of thanks.'

Pass. I don't care if celebrities went to your gym and such. Besides (Y/n) hates excercise, I doubt she would want to join also.

If you want to thank us, leave us alone today-...

'Where is Saiki Kunio? I mean I don't care about him, but our teacher gave me worksheets to pass onto him. Maybe after that I can ask him out for tea it'll be fun to get him all flustered.'

Pass. If I wanted to go out for tea I would just bring (Y/n) with me.

Geez, what is going on today? I don't have the time to deal with you today, today's the important ani-

"Yo! Partners! Wanna go get some ramen!?"

I'll pass.


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