Chapter 5 : Jet Black Wings! On the Scene! | Dog Searching!

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"Saiki-kun!!" I called, rushing after him. "Why'd ya leave me!? I was just joking around!" I pouted, not getting a response from the pinkette.

"Jerk, no need to react like that. All I said was a joke about stealing your coffee jelly." He still didn't respond, most likely ignoring me. My frown deepened, whispering, "You didn't have to go and teleport like that. Geez."

He still ignored me until we reached school. 'Just don't joke about that ever again.' I smiled, nodding my head as we headed to class.

Eventually break came and I turned to face my best friend. "So Saiki-kun, who's house we going to do homework at?"

'Mine obviously, you barely have any decent snacks at your house.' He replied, taking a glance at me. "The only good thing about that house is how empty it is.'

"Oh shush! Not my fault you constantly invite me over!" I chided, weakly punching his arm. "Not to mention your parents love me so much that they want me to practically live there! I'm basically your sister at this point!"

He glared at me, sighing. 'What an annoying sister I have then.'


"Hey did you guys hear? A poisonous snake escaped from a nearby petting zoo." A classmate said.

"Really? That's frightening!" Another replied. The rest of class kept on talking about the snake before a familiar voice chuckled.

"You silly fools, falling for their story."

"Huh? What are you talking about Kaidou-kun?" I asked.

"It's obvious that someone released that snake, for no trick can deceive the eyes of Jet Black Wings!" He exclaimed, the class seemed to eat up his explanation on the snake until he mentioned his made up evil organization. They began to ignore him from there on, commenting on his Chuunibyou.

He deflated from the lack of attention for a second before leaning his back on Kusuo-kun. "Silly fools, looks like it's only up to us Saiki."

Kusuo-kun frowned in annoyance, trying to ignore Kaidou-kun but ended up commenting on very light blue haired boy's fantasy of the snake. I wasn't listening honestly until he said, "And it's obvious what their goal is! To use the snake as a distraction to kidnap (L/n)-chan!"

I blinked at my name. "Wait what?"

He seemed to get flustered when he realized what he said. "W-well I mean w-why wouldn't they?! Y-you're amazing a-and," He coughed, trying to recover from his stutter. "And Dark Reunion needs the purest soul in order to take over the world! Why with a soul as pure as yours they could destroy the universe!"

"That is why it is up to me, and my sidekick Saiki, to protect you from the evils of Dark Reunion!" He finished. I unconsciously raised an eyebrow at the childish teen. But I still smiled, finding it cute.

"Hey guys they caught the snake!"


"Yeah, they found it near death outside the front gate. Apparently some grade schoolers were throwing it around like a rope. Then Moriya-sensei caught it, it's in a box in the faculty office now."

"Huh some "MurderDragon Snake" huh?" The class laughed, making fun of Kaidou-kun's fictional story.

"Laugh while you can." Kaidou-kun said as he started to leave the classroom. "This is only the beginning, m-mark my words! Dark Reunion will i-is just around th-the corner!"

'He's going to the bathroom to cry, isn't he?'


I sighed, standing up to follow the poor boy. As I left the classroom I heard the others continue to make fun of Kaidou-kun. My blood boiled, sure he's childish but that is no excuse! As I went to the closet boys bathroom, I hear footsteps behind me. I turned my head to see Kusuo-kun. "What is it? Saw something?" I asked.

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