Chapter 5

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"He's over there."


The three teammates crouch low behind a bush as they keep a careful watch on a young boy around seven years old and an older man in his forties.

There was an abduction late the night prior to the mission in which a man by the name of Richard Emerson left his home with his son despite not having custody over him. The mother phoned the police in distress and a photograph of her son was provided.

The police hadn't tracked down the man yet but the good guy criminals had.

And they were ready to return the boy to his mother.

Reed whispers closely to Trip who stares forward, keeping his eyes trained on the little boy so as to not lose sight of him. Gaze shifts so that her backpack moves up her back.

"They're going to go inside soon," Gaze hisses.

Reed nods his head and quietly rises from behind the bush. Gaze and Trip follow suit and the two of them slowly approach the older man while Reed waits at the bush.

"Excuse me," Trip speaks up and the fellow turns around. He raises an eyebrow as the little boy stares up at them with wide eyes.

"What is it?" the man spits.

"We're Jehovah's Witnesses and we're making our way through your neighborhood. I'm sure you have your own religion but," Trip says and lies. "We want to share an important message with you concerning what it says in the Bible."

The older man waves his hand across his face, saying, "Quit spewing such nonsense. I don't have time for this."

But Gaze reaches into her backpack and quickly pulls out a Bible in which she holds out to show the man. He looks down with a frown.

"We'll make it quick," Gaze says as she begins to read a part of the scripture to him. The man sighs and watches Gaze while she reads. She quickly shoots her eyes to the side where the little boy stands, turning his back to them.

Meanwhile, Reed notices that the man is focused on Gaze's Bible reading and he sprints out of the bush. He runs behind the man who fails to notice him and scoops the little boy in his arms. He darts off and Trip digs his nails into his hand, hoping the boy doesn't make a sound.

Of course, he does.

A small yelp escapes the boy's mouth and Gaze's reading is interrupted as the man nervously glances around.

"Where'd he go?" the man says and spastically looks for his son.

"Who?" Trip asks and plays dumb.

"My son," the man says urgently and begins to search around his yard.

Trip and Gaze exchange glances and Trip says, "Good luck finding him," before the two of them dart off.

They meet Reed by a preplanned tree down the street and they hunch over, breathing heavily from the sprint. He's crouched down by the little boy and rubs his back.

"It's okay," Reed tells the boy. "We're going to get you back home."

The three bring the boy to the police station and inform them that they had stumbled upon the pair outside of Richard Emerson's home. Though they don't agree with the method that the three went about the operation, the police gratefully return the boy to his home and deal with Mr. Emerson on their own.

"Good work, guys," Reed tells them and offers hi-fives to which they comply. Trip retrieves his bike from outside of Gaze's home and they say their goodbyes.

Turning to Reed, Trip looks him up and down before folding his arms across his chest.

"I'm not bringing you home," Trip says with a frown.

"I'm not asking for a ride," Reed says through a smile. "I'm going to see someone."

Trip straddles his bike before looking at Reed again. "Have fun with that."

"You're not even curious as to who it is?" Reed asks.

"Why?" Trip asks. "I hardly know you enough to care."

Reed just laughs and Trip rides away without another word. He can't wait to get home anyway.

Reed continues his long walk down to Beck's home after departing from Gaze's. Beck has just finished a mission as well and currently slumps at his desk in his bedroom, looking over the mission bulletin.

He hears a knock on the front door and heads downstairs. Reed shoves his hands into his pockets and grins once Beck opens it. Beck only allows Reed to come over at certain times in the day and it baffles Reed but he doesn't question about it. At least he's able to see Beck.

Once the two enter Beck's wide room, Reed is the first to speak as usual.

"I'm on the same team as Trip," Reed says. "You've neglected to say he's your brother."

Beck just shrugs. "It's not that big of a deal."

"It is when we have this sort of relationship," Reed sighs.

"There's nothing between us, Reed," Beck replies and takes a seat at his desk again. "There's no relationship and no love. Trip doesn't need to know about it."

The words sting Reed's poor heart but he knows that already. Hearing it is different than simply knowing though. It makes it final.

"I know," Reed says softly. "I was only kidding."

Beck breathes out a long sigh after a while of not speaking. "I need to tell you something."

Reed feels his heart fall in his chest. He knows it cannot be anything good.

"Yeah?" Reed asks.

"It's time we stopped this," Beck says and Reed's stomach drops.

"Why?" Reed asks. "Are you too busy with missions? We can try-"

"No," Beck cuts him off and runs a hand through his hair. He slowly raises his eyes to meet Reed's before he speaks again.

"I'm getting married."

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