Chapter 27

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Reed's tongue pushes against Trip's as his lips move quickly and Trip tries desperately to keep up. Reed pulls away for a breath of air and Trip pushes himself up in the bed. Reed connects their lips again and Trip daringly slides a hand under Reed's tank top.

His finger tips are cold and it surprises Reed who arches his back to the touch as Trip slowly traces his hand down Reed's chest, never letting their mouths disconnect.

"Mm," Reed says before he softly bites on Trip's bottom lip, pulling it as he kisses him again. Trip removes his hand from under Reed's shirt and tugs at the bottom of it, beginning to slide it up his chest. Reed removes his mouth from Trip's as he helps the younger boy discard of his tank top.

Reed straddles Trip's waist and Trip lets his eyes trail down Reed's bare chest and back up again. His hand is instantly back on the older boy's body and rubs down again until he reaches Reed's waistband.

Reed smiles down at Trip who's face is flushed and slowly begins to slide Trip's shirt off as well. Once it's tossed to the side, Reed's eyes devour Trip's body and he lowers himself back down.

His lips meet Trip's neck once more as he licks the sweet spot, sucks on it, and kisses it.

"Ha...," Trip breathes as his hands find Reed's waist.

Reed continues to leave love marks down Trip's neck and he begins to kiss the top of Trip's chest before he slowly kisses down Trip's torso until he reaches the top of Trip's shorts.

He then shifts his body so that his thigh is in between both of Trip's legs as he straddles only one of them. His thigh pushes in and he feels Trip's lower area, resisting the urge to touch him there.

He reaches down and cups Trip's face, bringing his lips down on Trip's again as he kisses him deeper than he ever has.

Trip's tongue explores the inside of Reed's mouth and it makes the twenty-three-year-old release a deep moan from the back of his throat.

Finally, the two pull away as both are breathing heavily and Trip's hands still hold onto Reed's waist. Reed stares down at him as he breathes and Trip looks up, his body still feeling many sensations.

The two boys each yearn for more yet neither make an effort to continue.

"Not bad," Reed says as he unwillingly removes himself from Trip's body and lays down beside him.

"Not good either?" Trip questions, sincerely wondering if he'd improved.

But Reed is much too embarrassed to admit just how good Trip was and how good he made him feel.

"It was good," Reed replies vaguely and rolls on his side, facing Trip. Trip rolls over as well in order to face Reed and narrows his eyes.

"Sure," Trip says.

Reed smiles softly and Trip reaches out his hand, running his fingers through Reed's hair.

"Was I better than Taylor?" Trip asks, his eyes meeting Reed's light gray ones.

Reed puffs out a laugh and grabs hold of Trip's hand, bringing it down from his hair and entangles their fingers together.

"Don't compare yourself to him," Reed says. "How could you even ask such a thing?"

"Just wondering," Trip mutters and purses his lips.

"We did a lot more than what you and I just did," Reed says. "But-"

"Alright, alright," Trip cuts him off. "I don't wanna hear that."

Reed grins and squeezes Trip's hand, sending warmth up his body.

"We'll try something new next time," Reed tells him.

"Oh God," Trip says.

Reed releases Trip's hand and shifts closer to Trip, letting his arm fall down Trip's back. He tucks Trip's head into his neck and wraps his leg over Trip's. His hand starts to rub Trip's back and Trip sighs, relaxing into him.


Reed's eyes widen and his hand stops rubbing Trip's back for a second.

"Hm?" Reed asks.

"Why are we doing this?" Trip asks.

"Doing what?" Reed asks as his hand continues to trace Trip's back again.

"You know what I'm talking about," Trip mumbles into Reed's neck.

"Oh," Reed says. "You mean kissing, touching, and-"

"Yes, Jesus," Trip interjects.

Reed laughs. "Well, why are we?"

"So that I can practice," Trip answers him.

Reed's thumb rubs the back of Trip's neck. "You think I'm doing this stuff with you just so you can practice?"

"I don't know," Trip admits.

"I don't give everyone lessons, you know," Reed says.

"What?" Trip asks.

"You're the only one I touch like this," Reed says. "And the only one I want to touch. Is it not the same for you?"

Trip takes a second to reply and his voice comes out quietly.

"It is," he says.

"At least we've established that," Reed says.

"I guess," Trip says as he lifts his arm up, wrapping it around Reed's back. Their bare chests are pushed together and it seems the two can't get close enough to each other.

"I'm going to sleep," Trip says.

"Alright," Reed says. "I've kept you awake long enough, huh?"

"Yeah," Trip says. "I wanted to take a nap long ago."

"I'm glad you didn't," Reed says and ruffles Trip's hair.

"Mhm," Trip says as his eyes begin to close.

Reed smiles to himself and closes his eyes as well.

And finally, two drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

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