Chapter 32

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A raging thunderstorm brews outside, the rain pattering down hard on Trip's apartment as lightning brightens his bedroom every so often. He watches as the trees sway with the strong winds as he hears a knock on his door.

He finds it strange as he knows Beck is home and doesn't know who else would be at his apartment in the middle of a downpour.

He rushes to the front door and unlocks it, a figure immediately seeking refuge in his home. His typically blue hair appears black and he shakes it like a dog, droplets of water hitting Trip in the face.

"Shit," Nakota says, his clothes soaked and sticking to him. His white t-shirt has become see-through and Trip can vividly see his well-defined abs.

Beck cranes his neck from the couch and raises his eyebrow. Nakota turns to him and Beck's eyes widen upon taking in Nakota's appearance.

It's not the fact that Nakota is dripping with rain water, but the fact that his eye is black and swollen.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Beck asks as Trip walks around Nakota to look at him.

"A fight," Nakota replies matter-of-factly. Turning to Trip, he pulls at his soaked t-shirt and says, "Can I get a dry shirt?"

Trip stands shocked for a brief second but eventually nods his head and walks to his bedroom to find a t-shirt.

Meanwhile, Beck sits up on the couch and stares at Nakota, a million questions flooding his mind.

"Why're you here?" Beck asks him as Nakota's lips curve up in a grin.

"I was nearby," Nakota tells him. "And I remembered Trip lived here so I escaped the rain."

"Hm," Beck says as Trip returns with a shirt for Nakota. "Then what happened?" he asks as he points to Nakota's bruised eye.

Nakota thanks Trip for the shirt and peels his wet one off. Trip tells him he'll throw it in the wash and retires to the laundry room of the apartment.

Beck peeks over at Nakota as he stands with the Trip's t-shirt in his hand, not bothering to put it on.

"A fight," Nakota repeats. "I told you that already."

Beck sighs and scoots over on the couch. Nakota takes the opportunity to plop down beside him and hangs the t-shirt around his neck.

"How'd you get in a fight?" Beck asks him, examining his eye.

Nakota squirms in the seat beside Beck and looks down. "Dude, you're making me self-conscious."

Beck puffs out a laugh at the lie. "You're being suspicious."

Nakota runs his hand through his drenched hair and slicks it back.

"It's sexy, right?" Nakota asks, grinning widely at Beck.

Beck frowns and stands up. "I'll get you some ice."

Nakota sighs and Trip soon returns.

"He's your brother, yeah?" Nakota asks as Trip takes the seat previously occupied by Beck.

"Mhm," Trip answers and Beck walks back in with a plastic bag of ice.

Nakota softly places the ice against his bruise and sucks in a breath.

"Who beat you up?" Beck attempts to ask for the third time.

"I didn't get beat up," Nakota replies, pursing his lips. "I'm the one who beat that guy's ass."

"Who?" Trip asks him.

Nakota shrugs as he keeps the ice by his eye.

"My ex-boyfriend," he finally says.

Trip doesn't know what to say and glances at his older brother, urging him to speak.

"Did you two break up after the fight?" Beck asks.

"Yeah," Nakota answers.

"Are you okay?" Trip asks, softly.

Nakota peers over at Trip when suddenly, a tear falls down his cheek.

He quickly uses his other hand and wipes it away, immediately sporting a smile.

"Yeah," he says but his lips quiver and another tear rolls down his face. "Shit."

Beck walks over and takes a seat on the other side of Nakota and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey," Beck says. "Breakups suck. I know that. So, if you wanna talk about it, I'll listen."

Trip feels so much appreciation for his brother as he doesn't have the words to say and watches the exchange with anticipation.

"Fuck," Nakota says as he bites his lip. "I don't remember the last time I cried. And to think it's over that asshole."

Beck squeezes his shoulder. "It's alright. You can let it out."

Nakota shakes his head. "No. He doesn't deserve it."

And he doesn't release another tear.

Trip's phone begins to vibrate a moment later and retires to his bedroom, leaving the two boys with broken-hearts in the living room.

"Hello," Trip answers as he falls down on his bed.

"Hey," Reed says. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Trip says. "Beck and Monica finally ended things."

"Damn," Reed says. "Is he alright?"

"Yeah," Trip replies. "He's crashing at my house until he can find a place."

"He's lucky he has you," Reed tells him and Trip smiles.

"Hah," he laughs. "What're you up to?"

Reed breathes out. "Not much. Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

Trip looks up at his ceiling. "No, why?"

"Sweet," Reed says. "Wanna do something?"

"Do what?" Trip asks as he sees a figure enter his room.

Nakota drops Trip's t-shirt down on his bed and says, "Thanks for the shirt, but I don't need it."

Trip just nods and Reed speaks up.

"Was that Beck?" Reed asks.

"No," Trip says. "Nakota is here."

"Nakota?" Reed asks. "Your partner?"

"Yeah," Trip replies.

"Why?" Reed asks.

"He just showed up," Trip says.

Reed frowns on the other end though Trip cannot see.

"You always get mad when I show up," Reed says.

"Nah," Trip denies.

"I see how it is," Reed says. "Have fun with Nakota."

"What-" Trip starts but is cut off.

"Don't keep him waiting-" Reed says.

"Luca," Trip interjects and Reed stays quiet. "I'm coming over tomorrow."

"O-okay?" Reed stutters.

"I have something to tell you."

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