Chapter 23

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Trip groggily takes a seat at the table for breakfast as Beck sets down four plates and cups. The smell of eggs and waffles fills the room while Trip practically slumps in his chair.

"Your eyes are scary," Reed tells Trip.

His dark bags and red eyes are a fright.

"Couldn't sleep?" Beck questions as he sits down beside his brother.

Trip shakes his head. "No."

"Were you uncomfortable?" Monica questions, who sits beside Reed, across from her husband.

Trip sighs and slowly brings his eyes to meet Reed's who raises an eyebrow, his mouth twitching as he tries to hold back a smile.

"No," Trip answers her.

Reed knows Trip probably couldn't sleep because of all of the thoughts that rushed his mind about the session they had and finds it hysterical.

"It's his fault," Trip says, tilting a glass of water down his throat.

Finally, Reed allows the smirk to spread on his face as he tilts his head at Trip.

"Is that so?" Reed asks.

"He snores in his sleep," Beck says before taking a bite of his waffle.

Trip shoots his eyes to the side and looks at his brother and Reed does the same.

Beck doesn't realize his mistake.

"How do you know?" Trip purposely asks.

Beck drops his fork to his plate and glances over at Monica who awaits his reply. It's a good thing she's more of an air head and doesn't catch on to what Trip is hinting at.

"I'm assuming he snores," Beck covers himself. "Since you couldn't sleep."

"Mhm," Trip replies, eating his eggs. "That's exactly the reason."

Reed laughs and Beck steals a glance. He doesn't know what's funny.

"Are you sure it wasn't because you couldn't stop thinking about—"

"Shut up," Trip says, his voice low.

Reed smiles and backs off.

"Cute," he says softly, his eyes trained on Trip's who's eyes widen.

"Shut it," he says and causes Monica to laugh.

"You two get along well," she says with a warm smile.

"Not really," Trip denies.

"Hmm," Reed starts. "I'd say we got along pretty well last night."

Trip rolls his eyes. "You're never going to let me live that down, huh?"

"Live what down?" Beck asks.

"Nothing," Trip says as Reed stretches out his leg under the table.

His foot trails up Trip's leg slowly and Trip jumps because of the sudden contact. He narrows his eyes at Reed who smirks and keeps his foot moving up Trip's leg.

Trip grits his teeth and purses his lips, warning Reed to stop. But of course, Reed's foot continues it's journey until he reaches the inside of Trip's thigh.

He's in dangerous territory now and Trip shifts in his chair in an attempt to rid of Reed's foot but to no avail.

Reed moves it again and slowly approaches Trip's danger zone, softly placing his toes against it.

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