Chapter 22

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A smile spreads across Reed's lips as Trip feels the action against his, though briefly. The grin fades quickly as Reed reaches down to Trip's swim trunks and gives them a soft tug, causing Trip to take a step into him as he widens his mouth, allowing Trip access inside. Reed's other hand holds the back of Trip's head and Trip clumsily moves his lips against Reed's more-skilled ones.

Reed takes it slow; he knows Trip lacks experience and allows the nineteen-year-old to explore with a little help. He pulls away for a moment and Trip catches his breath, though only long enough for Reed to say, "Open your mouth."

Reed's lips are back on Trip's in an instant, who obeys the plead and opens his mouth. His body rages with an eternal flame from Reed's body and his lower portion yearns for more.

Trip softly pushes his tongue into Reed's mouth, feeling the older boy's tongue against his and kisses him slowly. Reed isn't used to such a slow pace but controls himself with great effort.

He resists the urge to roam his hands all over Trip's body and keeps a steady hand on the back of Trip's neck as he licks Trip's tongue before wrapping his lips around it, sucking slowly.

A quiet moan escapes Trip's mouth and he immediately pulls away, Reed's hand falling from his neck.

Trip stares at Reed, unable to comprehend what he just did and Reed looks back, a grin plastered on his face.

"I'll take it," Reed says as Trip continues to stare.

"What?" Trip asks, causing Reed to laugh.

"That was a good reward for winning," Reed says as he shoves Trip's shoulder lightly. "But you've got some work to do."

Trip feels his face heat up in embarrassment and narrows his eyes. "Shut up."

Reed just laughs again and gathers his clothes together as he prepares for his shower.

"How was it?" Reed asks, his body hunched over his suitcase as he scoops up a pair of shorts.

"How was what?" Trip asks with a frown and plops down on his bed.

"Your first kiss."

Trip lays down, covering his face with his arm.

"It wasn't my first," he answers.

He hears Reed chuckle.

"Sure," Reed says, not believing the lie, and he stands up, the same smile still apparent on his face. He hasn't stopped grinning since the two pulled apart.

"Shut up," Trip says again and rolls over, facing Reed who grabs a towel.

"We'll practice again," Reed says. "Don't worry about it."

"I wasn't worried about it," Trip says with a sigh. "And what do you mean by, 'We'll practice again'?"

"You don't want to?" Reed asks, making his way to the door. "Was it that bad?"

"No," Trip says quietly. "It wasn't bad."

Reed smiles to himself. "Okay."

But he really needs to get to the bathroom.

And if the time comes for Trip to "practice" again, Reed knows he won't be able to hold himself back.

He hurries to the bathroom and leaves Trip alone in their room as Trip's mind rushes with many thoughts.

What did he just do?


The door creaks open after a while and Reed steps back inside, the smell of lavender shampoo filling the room. His blonde-hair is a shade darker due to the water, and it's messy from attempting to towel-dry. The only thing he currently wears is a pair of shorts and he plans to go to sleep that way.

"Is Monica using the bathroom?" Trip asks as Reed walks over to his bed. "Or Beck?"

"Nah," he says. "You're good to go."

Trip hops off of his bed and scavenges for a pair of shorts to wear after his shower as well. He settles upon a black pair and searches for a towel.

Until he realizes he forgot one.

"Shit," he says as Reed glances over.

"What?" Reed asks.

"I left my towel at home," Trip tells him as he stands up. "Are there any spare ones in the bathroom?"

Reed glances up at the ceiling in thought. "Nope."

Trip curses again and sighs.

He takes a step to leave when he feels something hit his shoulder. A blue towel drapes down his body and Reed jumps back onto his bed.

"Use mine," Reed says, his lips curved up in smirk.

"Thanks," Trip mutters before taking his leave.

He returns soon later and lies back in his bed. The lights are off in the room and Trip tells Reed he hung his towel up in the bathroom. He doesn't speak for a while after that until a thought crosses his mind.

"You know..." Trip starts, his voice trailing off.

"Hm?" Reed asks.

"You can't do 'that stuff' with Beck anymore," he says, his voice quiet as he continues to think about their kiss. "So... is that why... you-"

Reed doesn't let him finish.

"No," he cuts him off. "You're not a replacement for Beck and I didn't kiss you because I haven't done anything in a while."

His answer makes Trip's heart speed up.

"Then why-"

Reed interrupts again.

"Why did you kiss me?" Reed asks.

It's the same question Trip was about to ask.

And he stays silent for a moment.

"Never mind," Trip mumbles, turning toward the wall.

Reed laughs, the sound deeper than usual and it stirs Trip up again.

"Thought so," Reed replies.

When Trip doesn't speak up again, Reed takes the initiative to once more.

"Trip," he says.

Trip almost jumps.

"What?" he asks.

"You know my real name, right?" Reed asks.

"What? Yeah," Trip answers.

"Then say it."

"Why?" Trip asks stubbornly.

"Just say it," Reed says.

Trip blows air out of his mouth before he talks.

"It's Luca," he says.

"Yeah," Reed says. "Use it from now on."

"Okay?" Trip replies.

"Hmm," Reed hums. "Good night, Damien."

Trip waits a second to reply.

"Good night, Luca."

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