Chapter 12

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Reed and Trip ride along in silence after calling a cab as their driver hums along to the strange music he's chosen to play. Trip vibes to the unique sounds and stares out of his window, taking in the world as it flashes by his eyes.

He notices Reed hasn't spoken much since getting into the car and figures he's really soaking in the fact that he won't be able to see Beck as he used to. It must be hard to know their relationship is coming to a definitive end. But Trip doesn't pity him. It's probably not the first time he's gotten his heart broken.

The ride takes around forty-five minutes and by the time they arrive, Trip's head is leaned against his window as he's in a deep sleep. Reed laughs at the fellow. What a time to fall asleep.

"Hey," Reed whispers softly. "We're here."

Trip doesn't budge and Reed grins. He softly lifts his finger to Trip's face and rubs his cheek in an effort to wake him.

"Damien," Reed says, leaning over.

Trip's eyes shoot open and when he finds Reed close to him, he frowns.

"We're here already?" Trip asks, yawning.

Reed pulls himself away from Trip and offers thanks to the driver.

"Unfortunately," Reed replies as the two exit the cab.

They walk toward a large, white church with a golden cross that rests atop the immaculate structure. A pair of wide doors stand in the way of their arrival and Reed steps forward to open them. A beam of light shines in their eyes and they bring their hands up to shield it. Once the doors close behind them, they take in the beauty of the church they currently reside in.

Many heads turn to see who has walked through the doors and Trip fails to recognize any of them. Not that he was expecting to, of course.

He knows his parents wouldn't be coming. They don't offer their support to their sons too often. If at all.

Reed leads Trip over to a pew without anyone occupying it and takes a seat. He leans close to Trip and whispers, "We must seem out of place."

"Just you," Trip jokes and Reed giggles softly. It's relatively quiet in the church and they don't want to cause a disruption. Especially since they are sure nobody knows who they are.

They're Beck's only guests after all. The rest belong to Monica, his wife to be.

Anyway, it isn't long before the wide doors open again and a beam of sunlight enters the church. Immediately, a piano sounds accompanied by a flute and a violin and the music sounds beautifully throughout the place.

A woman with a flowing white gown enters, a long veil atop her head and Trip watches the expressions of the guests as Monica walks down the aisle. An older woman with the same hair and eyes as Monica weeps in a pew as a gentleman rubs her back. They are happy tears of course. Their daughter looks stunning.

Trip glances at Reed who fails to watch the entrance of the bride. Rather, his eyes are locked on Beck, who's typically curly brown hair is combed back with product. It's the first time he's seen Beck dressed so formally and Reed thinks it's the most handsome he's ever been.

Trip peers over at his brother and he too isn't accustomed to seeing Beck that way. But Beck just stares forward at Monica with no hint of emotion and Trip sighs. At least fake something he thinks.

When Monica finally comes to stand in front of Beck, she stares up at him with wide, blue eyes. She smiles warmly at him and he reaches down to hold her hands in his. The two exchange their vows and the highly-anticipated moment arrives.

"Do you take Monica Strauss to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Trip half expects Beck to back down and Reed feels his heart speed up in his chest. Reed knows Beck won't back down even though he wishes he would.

Beck finds his brother and Reed in the pew and watches them. Then, looking into Reed's eyes, he finally answers.

"I do."

Reed's head lowers and he removes his eyes from Beck's, despite the fact that Beck should have been locking eyes with his wife.

"Do you take Taylor Winchester to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Monica's smile still hasn't left her face and she says, "I do."

The two then press their lips together in their fated kiss and the guests gush at the young bride and her new husband.

Once the reception comes to an end, Reed and Trip follow everyone out and head over to their next destination. It's a barn where the party will take place and Reed simply cannot wait to get his hands on some booze.

Trip knows he isn't a responsible drinker but doesn't feel like being Reed's guardian today. Even Trip needs to let loose sometimes.

Trip and Reed make their way over to a table where they remove the jacket of their suits and hang them on the backs of their chairs. Music blares from speakers and people immediately begin to sway on the dance floor. By the time Reed swaggers onto the floor, he's a bit tipsy. He suddenly doesn't care about his image and creates elaborate dance moves that Trip has never seen before.

"That idiot," Trip says to himself as he watches Reed from where he sits.

He then feels a tap on his shoulder and looks up into his brother's eyes who slips in beside him.

"Thanks for coming," Beck says. "I know you didn't want to."

"Mhm," Trip replies, tipping a glass of wine down his throat.

Beck sighs. "You're not supposed to drink."

"You're not my mother," Trip says, averting his eyes.

"Whatever," Beck says and rises. A DJ sounds and informs everyone to grab a partner for a slow dance so Beck pats his brother on the back and takes his leave. He has a wife he needs to dance with anyway.

Soon after the announcement, Reed comes stumbling over to Trip with a wide grin on his face.

"What?" Trip asks with his typical frown.

"Dance with me."

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