Chapter 26

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"Again," Trip says, leaning against the counters in his small kitchen as Reed sits in the lone chair by the wooden table. "What're you doing here?"

Reed shrugs his shoulders. "I got bored."

Trip folds his arms across his chest. "Taylor just dropped you off. How are you already bored?"

"I don't know," Reed says. "Entertain me."

Trip sighs and turns his back to the older boy. He searches for a plastic cup and fills it with water from the faucet. Walking over to Reed, he sets the cup on the table and says, "Drink it."

Reed immediately tilts the cup down his throat and finishes the contents in one gulp.

"Jesus," Trip says.

Reed swipes his hand across his lips. "Too bad that wasn't liquor."

"Good thing it wasn't," Trip says with a small smile. "You're hopeless when you drink."

From there, the two make their way into Trip's bedroom and Trip falls down onto his bed.

"You woke me up," Trip says, sprawled across his entire bed. "I was taking a nap."

Reed places a hand on the bed. "Sorry."

"What're you doing?" Trip asks as he peers over at Reed's hand.

"Move over," Reed says, gently pushing on Trip's leg.

Trip grunts and acts irritated, but he isn't because he shifts his body enough so that Reed can lay down beside him.

"Ha..." Reed breathes out.

"You could've done this in your own bed," Trip says to him as they both lay on their backs.

"Yeah," Reed says. "But you wouldn't be there."

"Shut up," Trip says. "Weirdo."

Reed laughs and pushes Trip's arm. "Are you going back to sleep?"

"No," Trip says. "I'm awake now thanks to you."

"Sorry," Reed apologizes again. Trip knows he doesn't actually mean it and sighs.

Reed pushes himself up in the bed and peers down at Trip who looks up at him, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Trip asks.

A sly grin begins to appear on Reed's lips. "Don't you wanna practice?"

Trip narrows his eyes. "Practice?"

"Yeah," Reed replies. "You're clumsy."

Trip rolls his eyes and rolls over to face the wall, his back now to Reed. "Shut up."

Reed giggles and places a hand on Trip's shoulder, pulling him so that he's laying on his back again and he groans.

"I'm about to fight you," Trip says, staring up at Reed who smiles down at him.

"Go ahead," Reed taunts. "You'll end up exactly how you're laying right now just like last time."

"No," Trip says as he slowly sits up, rotating his body so that he faces Reed. "I won't."

"Hah," Reed laughs. "We'll see."

Trip doesn't give Reed a chance to prepare himself and quickly lunges at him, grabbing his shoulders and pushes them down. Reed's back hits the bed once more and he looks up at Trip who's hands grip Reed's wrists tightly and practically lays on top of him.

Reed grins and lifts his long legs into the air before bringing them down on Trip's back, enveloping him in his legs. Trip's torso lowers and his entire body is against Reed, his face barely hovering over Reed's. Trip's hands release Reed's wrists in an effort to elevate himself by placing his hands on his bed.

"Let go," Trip says as Reed squeezes him with his legs. He struggles to keep his face just an inch above Reed's and Reed smiles widely at the attempt.

"No," Reed says. "Not until your arms give out."

Trip curses. He decides to use the lower portion of his body to squirm loose, but soon realizes that the action is quite erotic. His waist rubs against Reed's as he tries to rock himself free and feels a warm sensation in his pants.

He curses again and Reed's legs hold on tightly to him.

"Just give up," Reed says.

"Shit," Trip says as his arms collapse. He quickly turns his face as he falls completely on Reed and sighs.

He feels Reed's stomach rise and fall with laughter and Reed pushes Trip off of him before climbing on top.

Reed straddles Trip's waist, being careful not to repeat the mistake Trip made by laying down on him. He holds Trip's wrists in one hand and places the other one on the side of Trip's neck.

"Told you," Reed says. "You're back in the position you started."

Trip purses his lips. He cannot move.

"Fine," he says. "You win this time. Just get off of me."

"Hmm," Reed hums. "I need to teach you a lesson."

"I don't need one," Trip says. "I let you win."

"I'm not talking about that," Reed says as he lowers himself to Trip. "Let's pick up where we left off on vacation."

Trip scrunches his eyebrows together. "What?"

"Should I remind you?" Reed asks.

Trip feels his heart start racing and takes a second to reply.


He doesn't need to be reminded though, and Reed smiles.

He lowers his face to Trip's neck as his hand still holds Trip's wrists together and slowly presses his lips to it. He kisses Trip's neck softly and begins to slowly trail kisses up Trip's neck until he reaches Trip's mouth.

Trip lays still beneath him and feels shivers run down his body each time Reed's lips touch his neck.

And finally, Reed slowly brings his lips down on Trip's. He releases his hold on Trip's wrists and Trip instantly lifts a hand and places it on Reed's cheek as he kisses him back with everything he has.

Reed takes a quick breath and crashes his lips back down to Trip's and widens his mouth, forcing Trip to do the same.

"Stick out your tongue," Reed breathes to which Trip complies. He licks Trip's tongue slowly before pushing it back into Trip's mouth and kisses him hard.

He knew he wasn't going to be able to control himself the next time and realizes he should keep things slow for Trip.

He pulls away quickly, breathing heavily.

"What're you doing?" Trip asks, out of breath as well.

"Are you okay?" Reed asks, his chest rising and falling quickly.

"Yeah," Trip says and stares up at Reed for a second before continuing to speak.

"Don't stop."

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