Chapter 11

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Beck's wedding day arrives sooner than everyone attending prefers. It's half bogus in regards to the meaning behind it, considering one party seeks the other while the other party seeks wealth and money.

It's a sham nonetheless.

Trip doesn't purchase a gift for his brother, he lacks the funds to anyway, and why should he?

He stretches his arms above his head as he considers putting on the suit his brother lent him as he hasn't bothered to try it on in the few weeks he's had it. Perhaps it won't fit—his brother is broader in the shoulders, but he'll wear a messy suit to a jumbled wedding.

It's only fitting, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Reed relaxes on his couch and occasionally breathes out long sighs. He's mailed the invitation back with his choice of dinner, signifying his attendance at the wedding. Yet, he blankly stares at his television screen that hasn't a show playing, and severely considers crashing for the rest of the day. But he's a good man. And he'll surely show up sooner or later.

He shoves a pair of headphones into his ears to block the world out around him as he feels a weight in his stomach. He knows he won't be able to see Beck once the wedding concludes like he used to and he's disheartened. He should've known he'd catch feelings for his friend who only sought the benefit aspect of making love.

An older song by REO Speedwagon plays in his headphones and he occasionally listens to it. It's because he hears it so frequently that a particular line resonates with him. The lyrics say, "When I said I love you I meant that I'd love you forever."

Despite not having said the words aloud to Beck, he's always thought them in the back of his mind. And he doesn't see how he can stop loving the fellow.

He asks himself just what it is about Beck that leaves him unable to push him out of his thoughts as the song continues to play. He racks his brain for at least a single answer and he cannot create one. So why then, is it so difficult to move on?

It's because he remembers the times they spent together and how Beck made him feel. He wishes he could go back to that time even though he knows he can't. Yet, he still hangs on to the memories.

But is it also the chase? The thrill of the kill, perhaps. Though, he hasn't caught ahold of Beck. And that's unfortunate.

Anyway, once the song comes to an end, Reed huffs out. He pulls the headphones out from his ears and tosses his cellphone by his feet before he rises from the couch. He makes his way to his bedroom where a white tuxedo hangs on his door. He looks at it for a second as if in denial that he must put it on.

He's dressed within a few moments and works on tying a red tie. He struggles though, and cannot figure out how to do it properly. So, he leaves it poorly tied for now and works on styling his blonde hair. He doesn't have to do much as it's relatively short and steps into a pair of dress shoes. He's not used to dressing up and figures he must look odd to others.

Peering down at his deformed tie, he shakes his head and pulls it off. He holds it loosely in his hand before making his way out of the door.

Of course, many people begin to stare at Reed as he walks down the small street as he's the only one wearing such formal attire in a hot summer's day. He looks quite classy though.

He quickens his pace after the stares he receives and feels a rush of relief upon arriving to his destination. He knocks on a rusted metal door and places a hand on the back of his neck as a boy tentatively answers.

It's as if the boy knows the identity of the visitor before seeing him because he curses instead of offering a greeting as he swings the door open.

"Have you backed out already?" Trip questions Reed who is also dressed in a white tuxedo. Reed's eyes trail down the younger boy's body and then back up again.

"No," Reed answers with a grin. "You clean up well."

Trip steps to the side, allowing Reed into his cramped home.

"I'd say the same to you but your tie is noticeably absent," Trip tells him, leaning against the fridge.

"And that is why I'm here," Reed says, holding up the red tie in his hand.

Trip sighs and rolls his eyes.

"You really are a child," Trip says. "One who has no shame in asking someone younger for help either."

Reed laughs and hands the tie over to Trip who takes it in his hand.

"I couldn't think of anyone else who I could ask," Reed says as Trip begins to assist in the tying. He takes it around Reed's neck and Reed stills as Trip's face comes close to his own.

Trip doesn't notice, however, and takes just a few moments to finish tying the tie.

Reed offers his gratitude for Trip and Trip simply nods his head.

"Are you ready?" Reed asks Trip.

"I guess," Trip says and shrugs. "I'm really in no mood to go."

"Second thoughts already?" Reed jokes and Trip frowns.

"Weddings are supposed to be special and full of emotion, you know," Trip says. "It won't be fun to see one that lacks those things."

"Yeah," Reed agrees. "But ultimately, we've gotta be there for Beck."

Trip sighs as the two head out the door and whispers to himself.

"Stupid Taylor."

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