Chapter 13

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"No," Trip says simply and without hesitation.

Reed's shoulders sag as he falls into the chair previously occupied by Beck. He presses his lips together before looking over at Trip.

"Please?" he asks, watching couples enter the dance floor.

Trip breathes out and looks at Reed as he crosses his arms across his chest.

"Ask someone else," Trip tells him. "I can't dance."

Reed grins wickedly at him before grabbing his hand. "Neither can I."

Reed quickly jumps up and pulls Trip's hand but Trip cements himself into the chair and leans over as Reed attempts to get him up.

"Come on," Reed says through gritted teeth.

"No," Trip denies again and detaches himself from Reed.

Reed rolls his eyes and punches Trip's arm softly before heading back to the dance floor alone. He's instantly surrounded by couples who sway to the music with their bodies pressed against each other. He maneuvers himself out of their way but he's quite buzzed and knocks into a particular pair.

Beck turns to his friend with his wife in his arms and laughs.

"What're you doing out here?" Beck asks him as he hasn't someone to dance with.

"I don't know," Reed answers, looking down at the ground.

He really doesn't know why he's there.

Monica also glances over at Reed and smiles.

"Luca," she says and Reed flashes his eyes to her.

"Luca?" Beck repeats and the tips of Reed's ears grow red.

He isn't used to hearing his real name. And hearing it escape Beck's mouth embarrasses him.

"That's his name, isn't it?" Monica asks. "I met him at the lake a few days ago with your brother."

"Is that so?" Beck asks with a grin.

He spins Monica out with his arm and in the split second that it takes her to return to him, he whispers something to Reed.

"I'm sorry."

Reed just stares back at Beck who envelopes Monica in his arms again as they continue their slow dance. And in a second, the two drift away, leaving him to stare into space.

He feels someone tug his shoulder from behind and turns around to face them as a tear rolls down his cheek.

"Stupid," Trip says, pulling Reed's arm. Reed crashes into Trip's chest and Trip holds the back of Reed's head, allowing him to keep his face hidden in his neck.

He knows Reed wouldn't want Beck to see him upset.

Reed lifts his arms and wraps them around Trip's back as the two stand in the middle of the dance floor just holding each other as couples move around them.

"Didn't you know you'd only feel like crap after talking to him?" Trip asks and Reed stays silent for a moment.

"I didn't know he was there," Reed says into the space between Trip's neck and shoulder.

Trip then lowers his hand from Reed's head and entangles his fingers in Reed's. Reed pulls away and quickly wipes his face of the few tears he let escape.

"Let's go," Trip says, figuring that Reed is only pushing himself to be there.

Reed just nods his head and leans heavily into Trip who slings an arm under his armpit to keep him upright.

Despite being four years older, Reed feels much younger than Trip at the moment. He's always relying on him too.

Trip phones a cab and the two wait outside of the barn having not said their goodbyes to Beck nor his wife. The cab arrives a little while later and Trip hauls Reed into the backseat before climbing in after him.

Trip stares blankly out of the window and Reed remains as quiet as he was on the way to the wedding.

"Are you okay?" Trip asks him, feeling uneasy.

"I'm fine," Reed says and looks over at Trip. "You must think I'm so uncool."

Trip just shrugs. "I've always thought that."

Reed laughs at him. "Great."

Their conversation ceases there and Trip closes his eyes, though without the intention of falling asleep as he did earlier. But of course, he does.

So when they finally arrive back at Trip's home, Reed lightly pushes on Trip's arm to wake him.

"Trip," Reed says. "You're home."

Trip groans and stretches his arms without opening his eyes for a few moments. Then he shifts his body and wakes himself up, saying his thanks to the driver. He sluggishly walks around to the other side of the cab and helps Reed out.

The cab speeds away and Reed sags into Trip's side.

"Shit," Trip says. "You're heavy."

Reed laughs and pushes himself off of Trip but quickly begins to stumble over. Trip reaches out and grabs him again, breathing out a long sigh.

"How are you going to get home in this state?" Trip asks him as they stand outside of his apartment.

"Your bike," Reed says matter-of-factly.

"I'm too tired," Trip says as he feels his eyes slowly closing.

"Okay," Reed says. "Then this old man will walk home."

Trip knows he won't make it back safely and will wind up sleeping on a bench if he luckily stumbles upon one.

And so, he curses to himself as he struggles to pull Reed up the stairs to his home.

"Where are we going?" Reed questions, hanging onto Trip.

"To sleep," Trip replies and bursts through the front door.

Reed laughs and Trip practically throws him onto his bed. He's breathing heavily from the amount of effort he had put into getting Reed into his house and takes a moment for himself to return to his normal state of being.

He peers down at Reed who is sprawled across his bed and runs a hand through his dark hair.

"Move over," Trip says and pushes Reed's side.

Reed surprisingly complies and Trip gratefully falls into his bed.

It's truly been quite a long day and Trip closes his eyes the instant he hits his mattress. Though, he's soon awakened by a soft voice.

"Thank you, Damien."

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