Chapter 24

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The essential vacation comes to an end after a few more days of lodging in the house as a rain shower poured throughout the day and night.

Trip lies in his bed two days after arriving back in Connecticut and yawns widely, having just woken up from a twelve-hour sleep. He has needed to catch up on sleep and finally does.

A curse escapes his lips as he hears his ancient cellphone buzzing on the ground beside his bed. He flips it open without bothering to check who is calling and answers it.

"Hello," Trip says, his voice raspy and tired.

"Trip," Boss says and Trip sits up in his bed.

"Hm," Trip says, rubbing his eyes. "Yeah?"

"Where are you?" Boss asks.

"What do you mean? I'm at home," Trip tells him.

He hears Boss chuckle. "There's a meeting right now."

Trip's eyes widen and he's suddenly not tired anymore.

"Shit," he says. "I'll be right there."

The kind man on the other end of the call laughs again. "Alright."

"See you," Trip says and is about to close his phone when Boss speaks up again.

"Pick up Reed on your way here," Boss says. "It seems you're not the only one who slept in today."

Boss hangs up before Trip can reply and he shakes his head, scurrying around his room to find a change of clothes. He rapidly cleans himself up in the bathroom and practically runs outside to his bike.

He hops on it and pedals quickly until he reaches Reed's house. He lays the bike down on the ground and bangs on Reed's front door in an effort to wake him.

The door opens after a few moments and Reed stands on the other side, a disheveled mess. His white tank is hanging off of his shoulder and his hair is strewn about in every direction.

Despite just being awoken, Reed grins upon discovering his visitor.

"Trip," Reed says as Trip reaches out his hand and pulls Reed down the stairs after closing the door.

"Woah," Reed says, stumbling after him. "What are you doing?"

Trip picks up his bike and straddles it, waiting for Reed to stand on the bars behind him.

"We're late," Trip says. "Boss called."

"What?" Reed says, still half-asleep.

"There's a meeting," Trip says and waves him over quickly.

"Can't I get dressed?" Reed asks and Trip grabs his wrists again.

"Damnit," Reed says before getting on the back of Trip's bike and holds onto his shoulders.

The two arrive around fifteen minutes late to the meeting and receive stares from the other members of the organization. Trip takes a seat next to his brother and catches Moose snickering at him and Reed.

Gaze narrows her eyes at her partners and Reed plays it off with a shrug and his award-winning smile.

"Trip, Reed," Boss says as the boys take their seats. "Glad to see you've made it."

"Glad to be here," Reed replies with a grin as Boss remains hidden.

"Alright," Boss says. "Let's get started."

The members await to hear what Boss has to say.

"I asked you all on your first day here what your dream job was," Boss says. "And I want to share the results with you."

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