2 || General Department

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Where was it? Y/N glanced down at the school map once more before heading straight, taking a right turn, third classroom down the hall.

"Oops, sorry- Oh," A cute girl, that uniform looks good on her. Looks lost; the perfect time to present heroic qualities.

"Ah." A head of spiky red hair, she hadn't seen anything like it.

"Oh, are you a new student or something? Man, I thought that U.A. didn't accept new students in the middle of the year! Hahaha!" he greeted, chuckling, scratching the back of his head. A friendly face of a stranger. Y/N gave a small, relieved smile.

"Yeah I am, I'm in classroom 1-C." The General Department, his heart sank a bit. Joys of having a new cute girl in his class would have to remain in his daydreams for now.

"Sounds pretty neat, nice to have you at U.A!" He still carried his smile. "If you ever need some help, you can come and find me! I'm in Classroom 1-A!" A toothy, honest grin. What a nice guy.

"Thanks, I will."

She dawdled off, casually. He seemed rather laidback. She peeked back around just on time to see him disappear around the corner. Just in time to miss his puffed-up chest, taking a deep breath to cool his heating face. Just as he expected. Talking to cute girls was definitely the thing to do nowadays!

With enough force to make the wind zip, he fist pumped the air joyously. He sizzled out a "Yesss!" before-

"Eh? Kirishima? What are you doing?"


Not even enough money to buy the cheap food by Lunch Rush. Getting a part-time job in this city would definitely be a good next step. Her stomach growled as she patted it, her face blanked. Feet planted on the sidelines, this was going to be her lunchtime-

"Ah, you're that girl from yesterday!" Curly green hair. Friendly smile. Freckles. "Hello, again..!" He gave a meek smile, blushing cheeks rising up.

"Oh, hey." she responded with a small smile.

"Do you not have anyone to sit with? If you'd like, you can sit with me and my friends," he offered, gesturing past the crowds to the table; seated with a brown-haired girl and a dark-blue-haired guy. "Ah! I mean if you don't want to then that's understandable, I mean, I'm not forcing you or anything!"

The spluttering began, someone kicked up the heat on his face again; classic delayed hormones.

"Sure, I'll sit with you guys."

He paused. "Huh? Really?" The boy beamed brightly. "Cool, let's go!" Y/N nodded, following closely behind him.


"Ooh! I see, so you're new here! In the General Department, class 1-C? Neat! How have lessons been going for you?" Chocolate brown hair, rosy cheeks. Curiously, Uraraka asked, taking interest.

"They've been alright. Just what I expected from a school." Y/N didn't know what else to comment with. She had come to this school by pure chance and connections.

"Would you mind if I ask what your quirk is, Y/N?" Formally, Iida questioned.

"Oh, I don't have a quirk."

Midoriya's eyes fell to his hands, hearing her response. His eyebrows furrowed before he faced up to speak to her. "Well, either way, you've got a dream to be a hero right? I think that being a hero suits you, Y/N!"

She hadn't known the the reason behind his sudden outburst but she appreciated his cheer. "Thanks Midoriya." She gave him a small earnest smile, perking his heartbeat. The thumping so evident, seated next to him, Iida could practically hear it.

"Ah, no problem! Hahaha-!" What a nervous boy. Accidentally, he had knocked the cup of water off the table in the process.

"Careful." Nearly muted under the cafeteria chatter.

"Aaah-" Uraraka's small frightened chirp paused as the cup regained its position back on the table.

"Eh?" Was it knocked over? Or was she just dreaming? She glanced to her friends and similar reactions lingered on their faces. They had seen a slight shift in Y/N's posture but, slipping past their minds, they burnt holes into the cup.

The bell rang. Students began to pour out of the cafeteria.

"Awh, lunch is over."

"Let's head back to class now, tardiness is not accepted!"

"Thanks for hanging out with me."

"Anytime, Y/N! Anytime!"

Midoriya simply nodded, standing up with the rest of them but before leaving, his hand gravitated towards the cup. A cup of water in his hands, the bottom was oddly warm and causing his shoulders to jump slightly; he drew his head back, eyes widened, at the cracks on the table that were revealed as he removed the cup.

He was thinking, recalling. Y/N's quick ghostly movement. The timing. It couldn't have been her.


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