13 || Regular Uniform Girl

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  Two weeks had passed since the Sports Festival announcement. Midoriya gazed down at his palms in silence. Everybody had been working hard to prepare. Giving it their all. This was it. Anxiously, he couldn't even bring himself to sit down in the waiting rooms. His heart was racing and yet there was still an hour before the first event.

  Hard, long hours of training, studying, and mentally prepping themselves.

  Everybody longed for the gold but there could only be one winner.




  Groggily, she sat up, tapping her phone to check the ti-




  Fixing her grey uniform as she sped down the hallways, Y/N hurried to the door of her class. With not a moment to spare, she opened the door, stepping into the-


  Empty classroom.



  Midoriya gulped, his blood pressure rising. His eyes flickered around quickly. He didn't know where Y/N was but- he took another deep breath. If his theories were true, this festival would reveal everything. He took a deep breath. He needed to keep his mind off her now. He focused on the path in front of him as the countdown began.


  Todoroki tightened his fist still gazing around. Y/N still not in sight. Distantly, he gazed down to the floor as the countdown continued. He guessed it would make sense. Someone like his esteemed master would have no need to participate in such activities.


  Shinsou had already prepared for this race, with a group of students wobbling with empty eyes. He stood by, slightly hunched. He dulled, idly scratching the back of his head as he looked around. He didn't know what he expected nor what he wanted. He shook his head, blinking hard trying to get Y/N out of his mind.


  The gun began the race with an amply loud pop.

  Bakugou raged onward. Blasting faster and faster, gaining speed. Without thinking, her face had popped up in his mind once more. He growled, gritting his teeth. His following blasts seemed much stronger the more he thought about how much he wanted his revenge.


  Y/N gave a small smile of hope as she cornered around. So, this was where they all were.

  "Ah..." From the back, as their figures, all dressed in the U.A. sports attire, raced off, she peeked down to her uniform. She hung her head down. The Sports Festival.

  She hurried past the crowd. Feeling bashful at her mismatching uniform. Quick maneuvers, she crossed to the large open field. A bot had towered over her, students taking the opportunity to sneak and hurry by. Without any mercy, the bot began to lift its mechanical arm, gaining rapid speed as it began falling on top of Y/N.

  It crushed her.


  It didn't crush her.

  "...?" Slow to react, she tilted her head in confusion at the metallic smell of wire and sudden darkness.

  Who put all these large robots here? She popped through the top with ease and gave it a quick punch. Its pieces scattered around the obstacle course's grounds. Planting in front of a particular green-haired boy, he scrambled to pick it up. He needed something to defend himself.

  He felt a sudden heavy weight in his body as a robot began storming towards him. It was soon to strike and this he angled his shield. It swung and as soon as it made contact, it burst into a million pieces. Wait-

  "Eh?" Gasping for breath, frantically, Midoriya snapped his eyes around. Who could have-

  "Midoriya, are you okay?" a voice spoke from behind him.

  "Y-yeah, I'm o-okay-"

  He turned around.

  "Wha- Y/N!?!"

  "I'm glad you're okay. Stay safe, Midoriya." She continued down the track, Midoriya's voice calling out to her, lost within the other clamors that filled the air.

  She just zipped along without much hesitation. She never knew the Sports Festival was going to be this intense. U.A.'s budget sure was high. She couldn't even imagine so much money in one place. Speaking of money, she let out a sour frown. She needed to go job hunting later tomorrow. Y/N figured, she couldn't live off vending machine change forever.

  She halted as she arrived at a large fall; tightropes littering about, connecting the two sides. Peeping to look down, she gazed at the dark out underneath.


  She gazed around, amazed.

  "Mas- Y/N?" Todoroki blinked in disbelief.

  "Ah, hey." She returned a small smile.

  Todoroki shot a quick look at Bakugou as he lead, using his quirk to blast through to the other side, then he snapped his gaze down to Y/N, who was no longer there.


  She had already hopped over to the other side. Todoroki hurried in suit, Y/N's figure shrinking by the millisecond.

  Y/N's eyelids began to droop as her stomach grumbled. She lost herself in thought, what was she gonna do about this food situation. Could contestants get free food? Or was it only winners?

  Her feet tapped past the minefield, going in a straight line, all exploding behind her.

  Maybe, she could just somehow manage to sneak off and then come back in time for the next event. She should change her uniform while she's at it. She slumped her shoulders down. Y/N wasn't sure if she wanted to go through all of that fuss.

  It came down to a slightly narrower passageway where the exit broke out into the stadium.


  All Might held his breath as Present Mic continued commentating. Suddenly, alarmed by the mine's bursts, a blurry figure was closing the distance towards the finish line.

  "Someone has just made it past our previous lead, Bakugou from Class 1-A! They're right by the finish line! I think we have our winner! It's-"


  Y/N broke through the finish line with a blank expression. Stopping as the crowd cheered, albeit with confusion.

  All Might froze in his seat.

  "It's-" Present Mic struggled, turning to Eraserhead who had just shrugged unhelpfully. It wasn't a 1-A student, nor was it even a 1-B student. Someone in the Support Department, maybe? No, that wasn't it.

  He had no idea who this girl was, why she was in her regular school uniform, or even how she won so quickly.


  Present Mic quickly improvised.

  "This lovely girl right here!"

  The crowd continued its cheers while All Might watched with a shaky breath.


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