27 || Delivery for the Pussycats

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Y/N wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, the summer heat making her sweat. She moved the last box of vegetables to sit with the other boxes of produce and meat.

"Y/N!" Mandalay ran towards her friend's daughter with arms raised. She engulfed her in a giant kitty hug. "How are you? It's been so long!"

Y/N awkwardly wrapped her arms around her mother's friend. "I've been well. How are you?"

"I'm great! I can't wait until the other Pussycats get here! They missed you so much!" Mandalay smiles. Y/N couldn't help but smile too. Her smile was contagious.

"Y/N!!!" The girl, as well as Mandalay, was startled by the sudden scream of her name. She looked behind Mandalay to see the rest of the Pussycats running towards them. She sweatdropped seeing as they were ready to tackle her into a hug, Tiger being behind Pixiebob and Ragdoll. As she predicted, she had been tackled into a hug.

"You've grown so much!" Ragdoll exclaimed, squeezing the teen tighter.

"She's just as beautiful as her mom!" Tiger cried, wiping a tear that fell from his eye.

"A fine maiden indeed!" Pixiebob joyously pecked her forehead.

Y/N laid there, four adult cat-people laying on top of her.

"That's enough. I don't want to be held accountable if she were to get hurt. She is a student of U.A. after all." Y/N could see a man with long black hair and a scarf. Oh! Mr. Aizawa! Known as Eraserhead! He was a hero she knew of before she came to U.A.

"We're just hugging our baby, that's all!" Ragdoll says.

"She looks like she's going to die from suffocation." The four Pussycats look at the girl on the ground, blank face. They immediately get off, helping her up and dusting off her clothes.

"What are you doing here, anyways? Aren't you in the general education department?"

"Oh, I'm dropping off the ingredients for the food."

"And she'll be helping us cook!"

"Did you get permission from her guardians?"

"Her parents are in Saitama Prefecture; I'm sure they won't mind. We're close after all."

"We just needed her workplace's permission."

"She'll be sending ingredients and helping cook everyday of the camp."

"Is her workplace really okay with that?"

"Of course! Even her manager came along. Akiyama!" Pixiebob waved over to the manager of Pizza-La Camino Store who was sitting by the truck with a water bottle in her hand.

"They've helped us with our past training camps. It became a norm to have them help us out." Mandalay gave a thumbs up to Akiyama who gladly returned it. "Now, let's get to cooking. The students will arrive soon." Mandalay dragged Y/N off to the boxes of ingredients.


The students of 1-A dragged their feet out of the forest, walking and looking almost zombie-like. "Look who finally decided to arrive."

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