14 || Nibble-less

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"Alright! Let's take a look at our first event's standings!"

Midnight gave a dramatic gesture as graphics flashed on the screens all across the stadium.

1 Y/N

2 Midoriya Izuku

3 Todoroki Shouto

4 Bakugou Katsuki

5 Shiozaki Iba-



Y/N's attention pulled down to her stomach. It grumbled once more. She drooped her eyelids down.

Midoriya perked towards her as she pulled her hand down to her stomach. Was she feeling nervous? Even with strength such as hers? He began to mumble, biting his thumb. He still never got to ask her...


"And in second place is none other than 1-A's Midoriya Izuku!"

Midoriya jogged to a slow as the crowd gave out an overwhelming uproar as he grit his teeth, meeting All Might's proud eyes. More and more students began to flood into the stadium, Present Mic keeping up amply. Soon, they had their top contestants and eyes were quick to venture to the idling girl; blank faced as Midnight held a microphone up by her lips while ambling towards Y/N.

"It seems we have our top 42 students who will be moving on to the next event!" Midnight pulled a pose towards the crowd as she gestured towards Y/N.

"Before that, does our first place contestant have anything to say? I don't believe you're in the Hero Department, are you?"

Y/N paused.

"Ah yeah. I'm in the General Department. I'm sorry, I overslept and put on the wrong uniform." Feeling sheepish, she fiddled with her hands.

Midoriya's gaze glued tight on Y/N's figure, staring silently as all other noise drowned out. There was no doubt about it now. It was her and it had been her this whole time. The supposedly quirkless girl. The girl with an unknown last name. The girl who beat all those villains with ease. Even the abomination, Nomu.

  "She's stronger than All Might..."

  The nearby ears of Shinsou and Todoroki perked.


  With her usual small smile, Y/N felt a ball of relief fall inter her arms as they announced a break. Todoroki was the first to race over to Y/N. They had exchanged no words; at this point, it was just commonplace.

  Shinsou paced cautiously behind the pair, a seeping jealousy crawling over his back.

  "Ah, Y/N!"

  The two other boys irked in unison.

  "Oh, Midoriya. What's up?"

  Huffing for breath, he swallowed the lump growing in his throat, barely managing direct eye contact.

  "Can I talk to you in private for awhile?"

  Todoroki grit his teeth quietly before looking over his Y/N. She seemed to be deep in thought, slightly hesitant. The boy, head of hair divided in two, stepped forwards slightly, ready to speak. He knew his master didn't want to stir up any attention. If she wanted the attention as the world's strongest hero, she would have done so already. Midoriya was on to her.

  Y/N stared back at Midoriya, slightly hesitant. She wasn't sure; she wanted to spend her break looking for some food.

  "Sorry, Midoriya. But I want to talk to Y/N about something important." Todoroki defended.

  She deadpanned. He did? What about her break-

  "Y/N..." Shinsou joined the huddle. "Do you want to go and get some snacks?"

  Casually, he spoke. Two General Department students, two classmates. Todoroki's stare shifted to a slightly intense-

  Y/N began beaming.

  Todoroki violently glared at Shinsou.

  Y/N nodded, giving a quick response.

  "Yeah, of course."

  Shinsou's pride almost bubbled up as he began walking, Y/N tailing shortly behind with two other boys tagging along-


  "Why are you guys coming as well?" Shinsou grew agitated.

  "I wanted to talk to her about something. It's really important." Midoriya was determined.

  "Same." Todoroki was just clingy.

  Y/N drowned out the ever growing noise as they bickered, pulling a small pout. At this rate, she was just going to end up without a single nibble.


  Absolutely nibble-less.

  Y/N slumped her shoulders, feeling waves of sleepiness hit her. If she couldn't eat, all her body begged her to do was sleep; kin to a bear in hibernation.

  "With the exception of the first place winner, the first place team will get 10 million points!"

  All students tensed up, stunned, as ever growing predatory eyes stared down at Y/N, though she remained oblivious in her yawning state. She gave a small glance around. Who should she group up with? Would anyone even want to partner with her? She didn't know anyone that particularly well, thought she did spend lots of time with Todoroki. Through her yawns, she thought with mild care.

  She shrugged to herself.

  "Now! You may assemble into teams!"

  Many went straight for Bakugou. Todoroki swiftly declined his hoard as he made his way towards Y/N. Midoriya copied in suit. Shinsou watched from afar, already having a group assembled. Silently, he debated with himself. Should he go with Y/N?

  Y/N idled, baring barely any words but before she knew it, she had her group.


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