29 || All For One

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"Wakayama." Y/N answered.

All For One slightly gasped at the surname.

"Wakayama, huh? So you are her child..." Who's child? Y/N couldn't be any less confused than what this dude was talking about.

"Wakayama Akina... your mother was the love of my life. Until she married that good-for-nothing bastard!"

"Eh? But my mom's name is Wakayama Chiyoko-"

  "Enough!- Wait, what?" All For One stared at the girl.


  "What do your parents do for a living?"

  "Eh? They're farmers in Saitama Prefecture." Y/N answered, still confused as to why she was discussing her family life with the man in front of her.

  "Chiyoko, huh? She must have changed her name..." Y/N stayed silent, not sure what was happening anymore.

  "What's your quirk, girl?"

  "Eh? I don't have one."

  "So that's what they made you believe..."

  "You know, I really loved your mother. Her headstrong personality, her ambition that lead her through life... everything about her was so perfect. I wanted her all to myself, but that stupid Fumihiro kid took her away from me!"

  Fumihiro? Okay, Y/N was beyond confused right now. Who the heck was Fumihiro?

  "My one chance at being happy and in love... it was taken away from me when your father eloped with Chiyoko and had you! If only she went with me, we could've had the strongest child and been the happiest family.." All For One pointed at the clueless girl. She slumped her shoulders. What was this weirdo talking about?

  "Look, I'm sorry for your loss, but who is this Fumihiro?"

  "Oh don't play dumb with me! That's your father, isn't it?"

  Her dad's name was Daisuke. Never once in her life had she known a Fumihiro.

  "Unless your mother really wasn't all that great as I made her out to be... she probably slept around and had you." Okay, now he was going too far.

  Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and frowned. That was no way to talk about one's mother. She stomped closer to the suited male with fury in her eyes.

  "Excuse me, what did you say about my mother?" All For One laughed at her sudden fury.

  "That she was nothing but a woman who slept around with-"

  Crack. Snap. Pop.

  All For One collided with the ground as Y/N ripped her fist through the air, making his black tentacles break. Heck, she didn't even know who this man was talking about, but insinuating that her precious mother was a sinner was going too far.

  "Ouch..." All For One sat up. "I knew it... she is your mother. A quirkless girl wouldn't have this kind of power-"

  "You're wrong." Y/N inched even closer to him. "I am quirkless, and I do have this kind of power as you can see."

  "Well then, quirkless one, tell me; what is the secret behind your power?"


  Midoriya looked at the screen in anticipation. Another camera crew had swung by to catch the action of the fight, this particular one being able to catch the words coming out of their mouths.

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