35 || All Might

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  Yes! Another coin! Y/N happily scooped up the flat circular piece of metal worth 500 yen into her pocket before proceeding to enter school grounds. Patting her stomach full of broken down fish-shaped red bean pastries, she smiled in satisfaction. Y/N dawdled inside the school, shifting her weight from one foot to the other with each step she took, making her look like she was a waddling penguin. Expecting to see Midnight on the other side of the door, Y/N was surprised to see All Might sitting there.

"..." Silence greeted her as the deflated blonde man looked at the girl. Y/N's calm night mood was overtaken by a suffocating atmosphere. Every time she was with the hero, awkwardness always seemed to squeeze their way between them.

"Ah! Young Y/N, please take a seat." All Might gestures towards the maroon cushioned bench on the other side of the dark wood table, the girl tensely following his suggestion, not knowing what else to do. The man poured her a cup of green tea as well as pushing a plate of cookies towards her. "Here, I baked cookies! I heard from another one of your classmates that you like sweets. I baked these myself." All Might smiles. Y/N awkwardly reaches towards the plate to grab a cookie.

"Thank you." she politely attempts a smile, then biting into the cookie- biting into the- biting into the cookie- what the heck. Why couldn't she bite into the cookie? Y/N nervously looked up at All Might who was watching as the girl tried to eat the cookie, probably awaiting her compliment or at least some sort of reaction that showed the cookies were good. Applying more strength, Y/N stabbed her teeth into the cookie, making it surrender and crumble in her mouth. Each crumb felt like a hard pebble that she had to put effort into chewing. They were simple shortbread cookies that tasted alright. "Uh... it's good." Y/N held a thumbs up to All Might as she voiced out her white lie.

"I'm glad." All Might sighed. He knew it wasn't good, but he appreciated the girl's effort in complimenting his baking. Watching as she was focused on trying her best to eat the whole cookie, All Might prepared himself to start their little talk. He could do this. He read the 'how to have a one-on-one conference with a student' chapter in his "How to be a Teacher 101 for Dummies" book.

  "Uhm, Y/N... no, Wakayama." All Might called out.

  "???" Y/N looked up.

  "The reason Midnight called you here was not only to talk about your quirk but also regarding your performance at the Sports Festival as well as what happened at Camino Ward."

"Oh, okay." Y/N smiled politely. All Might felt sweat start to form, not knowing where to start. All this teacher stuff was really hard.


"Oh, and you don't have to call me Wakayama. I'm used to everyone calling me Y/N."

"Ah, of course." All Might nodded, still not knowing how to start. Y/N just sat there smiling, her cheeks starting to ache. She couldn't really do anything right now.

"So..." Y/N started, letting her cheeks slowly drop because of the small aching pain. "Speaking of my quirk, I think I've told the teachers many times that I don't have one. It was even on my enrollment form."

"Well, yes, but we can't help but think that there's a quirk you have that you may not know about. Not to be rude, but I don't think it's possible for a quirkless person to hold the kind of strength you displayed." Y/N simply smiled a little, her eyes dropping to the table. It was only natural for someone to say that, and she wasn't disappointed whenever someone would say that. It just meant that she worked hard enough to make that statement at least a little false.

"All Might," Y/N brought her head back up.

"Y-yes?" All Might was nervous, thinking that he may have offended the student.

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

"...Nelson Mandela." All Might was at a loss for words at the girl's sudden seriousness. And for her to quote something like that? It definitely was a surprise to both of them. Y/N didn't even know she quoted someone; she just said what she thought. Even better, she didn't even know who Nelson Mandela was. How could she when she didn't even know most of the heroes in Japan?

"Y/N, how did you get your power?" Straight to the point.

"Eh? I thought I already announced how I got my strength..."

"What? You mean the push-ups and squats and all of that?" All Might was utterly shocked.

"Yes..? All Might, I really don't have a quirk." Y/N was confused as to why All Might was so surprised. "I thought I was straightforward enough.."

"I-" All Might's sweat was cold. He didn't know what to say.

"Anyways, now that you know I don't have a quirk, May I ask a favor from you?" All Might nodded, still speechless. "Can you please relay this information to the other teachers? It's kind of tiring having to come to a one-on-one conference with all of the teachers about the same stuff. I think it would be easier just to let them know instead of me coming in every night." Y/N slightly laughed and rubbed the back of her neck. "Well, if that's it, please excuse me-"

"Wait!" All Might woke up from his own state of shock once he saw the girl opening the door.


"Your fight with All For One..."

"Eh? Weird suit guy? Oh, sorry about that. I didn't mean to steal your thunder, but you looked like you weren't doing so good." Y/N bowed in apology.

"No- What I'm trying to say is that although you did take him down and the city is safe, what you did was illegal."

"!!!" Y/N stood straight, alarmed at All Might's– oddly calm– words. "I'm sorry!" Y/N stepped closer only to aggressively bow once again. "Please don't tell my mother!"

All Might laughed exasperatedly. He was pretty sure they'd know by now; the girl was on the news for a couple of days. "I've already spoken with the police department-"

"Oh no! Am I getting arrested!?"

"No..." All Might sighed. "Because your actions were illegal, your supervisor has to take responsibility, or if you don't have a supervisor, you take the responsibility directly. HOWEVER," All Might started his next sentence loudly once he saw the girl about to cry out. "I sorted things out with the chief. You're clean from this mess, but please take this as a warning not to do this again."

Y/N plopped to her knees and repeatedly bowed to All Might, thanking him and apologizing for the trouble she caused. She thought back to the villains she previously fought before this 'All For One' guy. Maybe she should just keep quiet about them. All Might laughed and pat her head.

"But due to the courage and strength you showed, the teachers– including myself– have been discussing your transfer to the hero course."

"Eh?" Y/N lifted her head in surprise. "Transfer?"

"Yes. We have taken notice of your potential to become a hero. Therefore, we were thinking of giving you proper hero training. What do you think?" All Might smiled. Y/N was shocked nonetheless, but she hadn't really thought of being transferred to the hero course. She was fine being in the general department and fighting villains in secret. But wait– she couldn't fight villains on her own anymore. It was illegal. Y/N sweatdropped. Yeah it was a great opportunity, but what about Shinsou? She remembered how much Shinsou strived to get into the hero course. She couldn't just leave him like that.

"Um, All Might?" Y/N spoke. "What about Shinsou?"

"Eh? The purple-haired guy?" Y/N nodded. "Oh don't worry. He's already been taken into consideration. Aizawa is already taking care of him." Oh? Is that why Shinsou appeared to look more buff recently? Had he been training with Aizawa to get into the hero course? Y/N smiled.

"Then," she stood up and faced All Might. "Please take care of me."

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