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Eran's POV
"I don't care anymore, all I regret is accepting her proposal in that decorated bus" I said, to the phone as I spoke to Ricky. I closed my eyes, sitting down as a wave of flashbacks floated me back to my terrible past.

Mary, my best friend, asked to meet up with her on the bus she would be taking home, so I headed towards the bus station while whistling around. I thought to myself, "God, what's wrong with her now, even Ricky is nowhere"

As I climbed the bus stairs, a wave of surprise slammed me square in the face. Bunch of claps went off as soon as I entered the bus, finding Mary sitting o her knees holding a rose towards me.

"I love you, Eran. Will you be my boyfriend?" As soon as she said those words, a wave of intense nausea hit me. "I swear to God, no! I never envisioned her as my girlfriend, I never saw her in that sense, no no no "I pondered to myself. Her lips were moving in a lovely smile that was anything but inviting me into grave danger.

The girls around her looked at me with hope of a 'yes' for their dear friend who's sitting down, in their eyes, whereas it seemed as if they are looking at me with the hunger of my innocent blood. "Uh..umm.." I stammered.

Okay, you can do it

"Yes" I said forcefully, as she got up and jumped on me, pulling me in for a hug. "What should I do? Am I supposed to hold her body? Her head? Should I stand still? Ugh this is hard" I struggled with my racing thoughts. She released me from her hug and jumped with so much happiness, that I no longer could break her heart by rejecting.


I got out of the most despicable flashback found in the whole entire world and realized Ricky disconnected the call long time back, maybe getting tired of  saying "hello hello" whereas I was in the captive of my dark past.

There was a text notification from Jessica, one of my close friend who was Ricky's girlfriend too. That's when it hit me. Daisy and Jessica are childhood best friends, and it's obvious for her to know Rose.

Jessica: "I'm so done with your best friend, Eran!"
Me: "Screw him, I was about to text you as well. It's.."


Jessica: "THE ERAN wanted to text ME??!! Now that's serious!"
Me: "Okay fine, I'm sleepy"
Jessica: "Spill"
Me: "I saw this girl on Daisy's Instagram story and I want her, end of story"
Jessica: "Who?"
Me: "Girl, if I knew, then why on earth would I ask you?"
Jessica: "Okay, you talking about her new best friend? Umm.. Yes! Rose?"
Me: "Wow, you are surprisingly intelligent shorty pants"
Jessica: "Shut up, okay, don't be upset but are you sure about her?"

Hell yeah

Me: "Yeah, where's the problem?"
Jessica: "You and her, are poles apart. I heard, she's super sensitive towards the smallest possible issues"

But I like her

Jessica: "..still if you want, I can talk to her, but that's not going to be a very good decision, you know"
Me: "I actually don't care, you know what, leave it"
Jessica: "Hey, Daisy just sent me a picture, wait"

A tinge of jealousy hit me, as soon as I saw Rose sitting beside a boy, whom I'm not gonna lie, was a good looking one. They were sitting apart but for some reasons I still wasn't able to tolerate any presence of male around her. Rose looked beautiful and naive, a scarf covered her hair with few hair strands just like the picture on Instagram. The spectacle rested clean on her, not so sharp nose, making her look absolutely cute.

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