I guess i have fallen for him

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Eran's POV
"You are not joking?? Like she is actually asking about me?!" I asked Jessica for the third time now. "Are you deaf?"replied Jessica who was now clearly irritated by my repeated questions. Okay,wait,why are you behaving like this Eran!! You are a cool person,you gotta behave like that! "Seee I told you I'm irresistible! Few senses finally decided to kick into her and now she's craving for me!" I replied,looking somewhere else because I absolutely know that's not the case at all.

"She isn't craving for you,she was just asking about you anyways,Umm do you know where Ricky could possibly be now?"

And I guess they again had a fight.

Well Ricky have been seeing Jessica for a while now. They aren't really dating but we all know Ricky loves her but Jessica is just having an infatuation which she loves to define as 'love' in front of us. "I was with him all this while,he must have gone towards home now" I replied. "Okay then,see ya and yes do find her out on messenger"

And with that she hung up the call and I rushed to give Rose a knock on the messenger. I swear,I have never ever acted this crazy towards someone just to talk and go in for a relationship. Absolutely never,and taking the lesson from my previous thing,it's a whole new level of a NO for any relationship! But Rose,she's freaking different. I mean her smile had that thing in it,to drive me crazy for her. She's worth it. I just know it.

She.. is worth it!

Rose's POV
"So,him suddenly calling you seriously didn't bother you?! I mean you start shaking when anyone even utters that asshole's name" said Veronica absolutely shocked with my relaxed face expressions. "I wonder if he will ever talk to me" I said,and I could tell Veronica made a real confused face pattern. "You want him to call you?!" "Yeah?" "You are now really being clingy,you do know that right?"replied Veronica.

I rolled my eyes,and continued to make myself a cup of coffee. "I really like him" I said,out of the blue which made Veronica spit out the water she was drinking. "He accused you of cheating on him,and.." "for gods sake Veronica! I'm talking about ERAN! Eran D'Souza!" I cut her off. She gave me an 'ooooohhh' face and allowed the rest of the water to go down her throat. "That Instagram guy,so what are you planning about him?" she asked. "Umm,I'm scared actually I don't know whether I'm ready for another relationship,investing my alll the time in the world and getting to know him,etc etc! A huge burden" I told her facepalming myself.

"So,who's asking you to jump on a relationship the first day you will start talking?" asked Veronica,which actually did make sense. "You know,his eyes are so intoxicating..like" "I don't wanna know how his eyes are" "no let me tell you,I mean his hair is just like some silk satin.." "I guess your mom is calling for me,I gotta go" "you are such a mean girl,please listen to me!!!" "You know what was the most worst decision of your life?!" I looked at her with a question mark plastered on my face. "Yes I know! Talking to him rudely!" "Omg,leave him aside for a second! The worst decision was of you choosing English Lit as your favorite subject"

"But he's going to be my best choice ever" I said and with that Veronica spun me around to make me face her. "You are so obsessed with that guy! Get a life but I still love you" and she ran away saying that from my room. I gave a huge sigh and decided to get some rest and be prepared for tomorrow.

Hope he's sleeping peacefully too..

The Next Day
"You are the one,who's so late today!" said Daisy. "Yeah,I couldn't sleep well yesterday,didn't even finish my homework. I'm getting so indisciplined" I replied. "By the way,I told Richard about you not having any feelings anymore,for him" "oh god,what was his reaction?" "He simply disconnected the call" . Why do I always end up hurting people? But it's not my fault. I cannot be fake to him and lie all the time just with the intention of not hurting him. I mean,that would be such a horrible act.

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