Chapter Twenty-Four

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She arrived at the farm early in order to make sure everything was still in place from the night before. Leigh woke up early that morning with pieces of a scattered dream circulating in her mind that a fox had somehow got into the barn and ruined everything they had spent so long preparing. As she walked to the barn she was grateful for the sun that warmed her skin and she knew, despite the bitter chill of the day before, that Annalise and Harry's special day would be in luck with the weather. The weather was so different to that of what it had been earlier that month and simply feeling the warmth on her skin ensured her that the day would be perfect.

She spotted Brett standing in front of the barn dressed in his usual work clothes as he rolled out a large red carpet leading from the barn entrance to the gravel pathway. With only a couple of hours until the wedding Leigh was surprised to see Brett still working but was quickly reminded by his hard work that it was the job of the eldest brother to make sure the entire day was perfect for his little sister. He kicked the carpet out and allowed it to roll a little before walking closer and kicking it again, when he reached the end he glanced up at Leigh with a stunned expression on his handsome face.

He took in her appearance and was absolutely speechless. The two toned skater dress that stopped mid thigh emphasised her long tanned legs and added to her height. As he came to stand in front of her he glanced up and down at her outfit taking in each detail not wanting to forget it for even a second. The torso of her dress was black with a small slit down the front. His eyes were drawn to her waist where flowered patterns wrapped around the elastic pulling the dress in at all the right places and flowed down into a white skirt. Seeing her dressed up took his breath away and it was only when Leigh spoke that he was brought from his trance she had placed him in without even realising it.

"What?" He choked out realising that he hadn't heard a single word of what she said.

"I said why aren't you ready yet?" She repeated her question.

"I was headin' in now."

They walked together to the farm house and entered in through the door where sounds of quiet murmurs could be heard in each room. Jamie flashed Leigh a grin when she came into view and he approached her with his arms stretched out. "You look great! He said and pulled her into his chest.

"So do you," she said taking a step back and appreciating the tailored suit that hugged his body. "It's good to finally see you up and about."

"Yeah. I rested for longer than the doctors said because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't ruin today for Annie. I didn't want everyone to be talkin' about me and the accident, you know?"

Leigh nodded. She understood exactly what he meant. It was Harry and Annalise's special day- a day they would remember for the rest of their lives- and Leigh feared that her presence might cause a stir amongst the wedding guests, especially after the negative light she was presented in on her mother's show only a few weeks prior. But she tried not to let it bother her and it gave her great comfort knowing the thought didn't even enter Harry's mind when he extended the invitation to her.

"Are you ridin' with us?" Jamie asked Leigh and glanced to his brother.

"Yes, she is," Brett answered for her before she could have a chance to speak.

"Aren't you going in the weddin' car with Annie?" She asked Brett seeing as he was the one walking her down the aisle.

"My Mom is goin' in the car and I'll take over at the church," he answered in short from where he stood beside her.

She talked effortlessly with Jamie for around fifteen minutes as if they had been speaking every day from the day they were born and it was only when the sound of glass shattering on the floor echoed throughout the house that Leigh realised Brett wasn't standing beside her.

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