Chapter Twenty-Six

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He slid the key into the lock of the door he hadn't wanted to open until later that night and swung it open allowing a rush of warm air to escape. The faint sound of the music could still be heard coming from the barn and Brett hoped that his conversation would be over quickly so he could get back to the only woman he wanted to spend time with that evening.

"I like what you've done with the place," Alexis said with her typical seductive tone and walked into the main room of Brett's small apartment.It was the place he spent most of his free time and it was the place he called home. After his father died living and sleeping in his childhood home became unbearable and Brett decided that it was time to move. But his mother still needed him and seeing as there was a garage located a small way from the farm house with a conversion on top he decided to move in. It had everything he needed- running water, a wood burning stove and a shower. He had always lived a simple life and didn't mind experiencing a new and fresh way of living.

It was his home and the number of people he had ever had over could be counted on one hand. With the exception of his mother, sister and niece no woman had even entered his small home but he had hoped that would change and that one woman in particular would spend the night with him there. He didn't expect anything to come of the invitation- he hadn't even asked her yet- but he simply wanted to make sure after such a long day that she had a place to stay and wouldn't drive home intoxicated. But if she happened to stand up on her tiptoes and plant a kiss on his lips he wouldn't object to leading her to his bed and showing her just how much she meant to him. But now he had ruined that. Leigh wasn't the first woman- other than his family- to be allowed into his private home and the thought sickened him to the core. He knew it was wrong for inviting Alexis inside to talk and he knew he shouldn't have even danced with her that night but as usual his emotions clouded his judgement and when that happened he saw no stopping until it was too late.

She had stopped by the bed and it was clear that Alexis was taking in what was right in front of her. The bed had fresh sheets and the creases from where it had been ironed were visible as day. In the centre of the bed was a single red rose and to the side on the bedside table was a bottle of wine with two glasses. That night was a time Brett had been planning in the depths of his mind for weeks but now he couldn't even bare the thought to invite Leigh up after seeing his ex-fiance perch herself onto the end of the bed and lay one long, tanned leg over the other with a seductive smile playing on her lips.

"Sit with me..." She whispered and patted her hand gently on the bed beside her.

Brett shook his head and wanted to scream at her to stand up but he didn't. Instead he asked her what she wanted.

"I want you Brett. I aways have and I always will. I was stupid before when I walked away from you and our life. I don't care that you're a poor farmhand because I love you," she said and Brett immediately became suspicious of her word. It was as if she had rehearsed her entire speech in the mirror each time she stepped into the bathroom to make sure she wouldn't forget a single word. He didn't buy it.

"You can't come here after five years and expect me to say I feel the same," he told her. "Because I don't."

"Baby...what we had was special. That love can't vanish just like that. I know you still think about me." She stroked her long manicured nails along her thigh lifting her dress a little higher.

He inhaled deeply in an attempt to keep his anger at bay. "Why did you come here on the day of my sister's weddin', huh? You're tellin' that bullshit now but you're five years too late. I don't love you and I don't think I ever did."

"What do you know about love? Is it little miss Leigh in there, the drug addict?"

"Leave her out of this."

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