Movie Dilemas

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Rose's POV
It has been half and hour since we have been waiting for Mark and John,the new date of Daisy. Oh dont worry about that,she gets a new date almost every week,but still cries over for everyone the number of times she gets betrayed or ignored. Her last serious relationship ended up for almost two years,about which she's so proud of. Well,I dont think she can impose much troubles on her boyfriend because all she wants is some loyalty,which most boyfriends or boys have an issue giving.

"when is he.. hey why do you look so upset?" asked Daisy,as i looked up from my phone. "theres legit no news of Eran,he has been offline since a great amount of time and..""you are seriously upset because of Eran? I mean trust me bro,i know that group way better than you"said Daisy,cutting me off as i blinked my eyes towards her out of utter confusion and a sprinkle of jealousy. "How would you know that" I asked,focusing on the word 'you' as my curiosity rose higher.

"Jessica and Ricky used to try to get us together,as in dating you know? And I know that group since a long time" said Daisy,keeping her eyes on the road for the arrival of our movie partners. "What do you mean by,get us.." "Heyy" said Mark appearing out of nowhere cutting me off. "You are sooo late Mark!" I yelled,placing my hands on my hip. "I'm so sorry,cutie,but now I'm here,let's goo?" replied Mark as he pulled me towards the theatre and Daisy followed us behind.

It was now an hour,since the movie was going on,and Mark was so into the cinema that he absolutely forgot about talking to me regarding anything,and Daisy was busy making out with her new date,giving off the weird smooch noises,irritating the shit out of me.

Better kissing that guy,rather than eyeing on my Eran.

I sighed,and checked in my messenger expecting a text from Eran,and to my disappointment,he was still offline. Are you kidding me? I have got zero interests into a guy who judges me just because I'm going into a movie thingy with my best friend. A guy? He's still just a friend,we are not even in a relationship.

"Imagine,if he can stay away from talking to you,for this long,I wonder what lies in the future" said Daisy taking a break from her good time,as I shot my eyes towards her. "I don't know man" I added,giving off a sigh filled with disappointment. "He has got a group of friends,with whom he hangs out every single day,so obviously he won't really have that interest to see if you are fine,when you guys have a fight" said Daisy,which really made sense. I nodded and turned to face her. "Let's leave Eran aside and concentrate on the movie,shall we?"

Why's she after my Eran?!?!?!?!

Eran's POV
I continued to lie on my bed,plugging into my AirPods,giving a hearnto the saddest songs possible in this whole entire universe. Ricky had somewhere to go out with Jessica,and moreover I had no intentions into attending today's class anyways,so I got back home after treating myself with a sub sandwich and an orange juice from the juice bar.

The amount of times I closed my eyes to relax and try and get a good amount of sleep,the number of times,Rose's innocent face appeared in front of my eyelids,followed with the tidings of her watching a movie with a guy. I know,that I'm not her boyfriend which gives me no right to dominate her or stop her from doing the things she likes,or is doing,even though it's hurting me. It's just that,after my ex girlfriend,the amount of possessive I'm,regarding stuffs which belongs to only me,has increased into a whole new level.

And by that,yes,I meant she's  mine,and I don't like the presence of any male members around her pure soul. The generation nowadays,isn't good at all. Only I know,how much stress,her going to attend her classes  all alone,brings to me,or her making new friends everyday and helping the people around her brings to me. I hate it even when she's missing her breakfast,or missing her medications,I literally take her as my little baby.

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