Old Friend

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"I love you little sister but please leave Jeremy and Damon to me and also leave Tyler he is one of mine." He sat down head in hand but still trying to lighten up the mood.


Eventually I siphoned all of the magic from Bonnie's spell and we left to go to the car.

As Klaus pulled up to the mansion I started to get distracted about what Josh said, so I rang the one person I still had contact with that was in New Orleans, Lydia.

I had know Lydia since, January 3rd 1490. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday, at one of Klaus' parties.


I was wearing a green dress that Niklaus had brought for me for one of his parties, one where the new doppelgänger was invited.

I decided to match my dress with so black jewellery that had a black gem it them, a peel necklace (that my mother had got for me) and obviously wore a black corset under my dress.

I decided to match my dress with so black jewellery that had a black gem it them, a peel necklace (that my mother had got for me) and obviously wore a black corset under my dress

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I was just finishing off my look as the servants did my hair when Niklaus came in, "stunning as ever probably better then myself little sister" he smirked.

"It's not that hard when I have to stand next to a dog like you" I said rolling my eyes at his cockiness.

"Sophia you can not say that to me we are the same breed and believe it or not we have the same father" he shot back raising his eyebrows.

"Why bother me brother?" I asked shooing of the maids.

"Well little sister looks like the guests are all here and I would like you to join me to meet them" he said holding out his arm for me to take.

"Let's go then we must not leave them waiting" intertwining my arm with his.

We started walking when we saw Trevor guiding Elijah somewhere. He tapped a girl on the shoulder and she turned.

I squinted my eyes Tatia? "Hello" she said with an innocent, sweet voice. Elijah stood baffled in front of her.

"Forgive me you remind me of someone" Elijah said not looking away from her face. Klaus nudged me, I looked over at him smirking and wiggling he eyebrow at me.

"Katerina may I introduce you to the lord Elijah" Trevor said, her eyes widened slightly Elijah stuck his hand out for her to hold.

"Pleasure, my lord" she said taking his hand and bowing. Me and Klaus started giggling causing Elijah to look are way, we quickly hid behind the corner.

"Pleasures mine, Katerina" Elijah responded kissing her hand.

"Where is the mysterious hosts I have heard so much about" Katerina asked walking away from their original spot.

"Fashionably late, my brother likes to make an entrance" Elijah responded turning around to look at her.

As if on cue Niklaus pulled my arm and we headed down the stairs "here they are" Elijah said pointing towards me and Niklaus as we walked down the stairs.

She turned around trying to catch a glimpse of him as he just pulled me along like I was some girl I had found in the street.

"Katerina may I introduce to you the Lord Niklaus" Elijah continued as she held out her hand for him to kiss, which he did.

"Niklaus is the name my father gave me, please call me klaus" he said with his famous smirk.

I looked at both of them in disgust as they both talked to her about where she came from and I decided I would spend time with my beautiful sister.

"Excuse me" I said before un-linking my arm from Klaus' but before I could go Elijah grabbed onto my arm.

"Sorry my apologies this is Lady Sophia" he said as I bowed and pulled my arm out of his grasp.

I started to walk away when I heard Katrina say "she is very pretty I see why you married her Niklaus" I almost spat out my drink.

"No, no I could do better then that, that is our youngest sister" he corrected her. I could feel their eyes on me but as I wasn't concentrating I didn't notice someone come up behind me.

"Hello hot stuff" I turned around seeing a tall man that was obviously drunk, and me trying not to be rude I smiled slightly before backing away.

"Maybe we should get out of her" he said grabbing onto my waist and slurring his words slightly.

Niklaus began to walk over but then on of the maids came up to me "Lady Sophia you brother Finn would like to speak to you" she gestured towards where the garden was.

I smiled a nodded a 'thank you'. I was slightly confused as Finn was daggered in 1114 but went along with it.

When I got outside I turned to see the maid "sorry I couldn't just stand there and do nothing" she said playing with her fingers.

She was about to leave "what's you name" I asked giving her a genuine smile.

"Lydia Bennet" she said with a shy smile.

"Well Lydia do you want to get a pay rise" and that's where are friendship began.

End of flashback

I got out my phone and rang her number "hello Lydia Jones' cake shop, Lydia speaking" she said making me roll my eyes at her tone.

"hi I would like to order a cake but preferably made by Lydia Bennet and put it under the name Mikaelson" I heard her gasp slightly.

"Hi Sophia how have you been" she said with her normal, excited voice.

"Hi old friend. You know played by a boy that you loved, 2 brothers deaths and best friend died, the usual" I responded in a cheerful voice.

"Omg Who was one of the brothers Elijah" she said my some sympathy in her voice.

"No my favourite brother, Kol and the mummy's boy Finn" I said and I heard Klaus growl at my words.

"Anyways what is happening in New Orleans" I asked.

"OMG You haven't heard, Marcel is running the quarter and he says he is the king." Klaus tensed in the drivers seat.

"Ok we will pop over and sort some stuff out with the PRINCE of the quarter because the Queen isn't very happy" I said angrily through the phone.

I hang up not giving her time to respond, "the Queen, girl I am the King" Klaus sassed jokingly.

"If I recall who is more powerful??" I ask with smugness in my voice. He went silent "that's what I thought." I said jokingly.

We headed home and started to pack for the little vacation to New Orleans and we had to stock up on blood bags for the day trip.

hi sorry that not a lot happens in this chapter but it is a kinda build up. Also if have any suggestions I am happy to do them.

Btw I only type up to around 1000 word echo chapter as I have a lot of home school work.

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