Beacon Hills

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"I don't mind, what town is it called?.  Rebekah turned her gaze to me.


"Beacon Hills and I heard there are wolves there, you can make some new hybrids" Caroline kinda shouted as I started the engine of the car.

"Yeah, sure it will be fun" I agreed "but I won't turn anyone unless they look good" I winked at Caroline.

"SOPHIA, I don't need a boyfriend" she wined in my ear. "If I wanted one I would just go out with Klaus"

"Eww, Rebekah it will be our mission to get her a boyfriend today," I said turning to Rebekah.

"Yes, and after we do that, we must look at the older vampire in the car" She responded wiggling her eyebrows at me, I rolled my eyes at her childish behavior.

"If you have already fallen In love it can't happen again" I added, which she looked down as if to say sorry.

"What am I missing here," Caroline asked making Rebekah lookup.

"Klaus killed the one person I have ever fallen in love with, and when I thought I could love again I got heartbroken, so the only boys I will ever love are my brothers." I sighed, I knew Rebekah had the same situation but now she has Marcel.

"Well we're here," Caroline said breaking the silence. I pulled up and we got out of the car, walking into the bar.

We took a seat in one of the booths and waited to be served. A moment later a boy who looked to be are Caroline's age walked over to us. "Hi I'm Scott, what can I get you lovely ladies," he said getting out his notepad.

"Well for starters you could get this girl your number," Rebekah said, pointing to Caroline also giving me a high five. Earning a kick in the leg by Caroline.

"But seriously, can I have a diet coke and a steak with fries," I ordered whilst still laughing at Caroline's flushed face.

"Erm, can I have just get lemonade and fries," Caroline said looking up from her menu, he nodded, looking up and into Caroline's eyes.

"Can I get the same as the Brunette, with 3 extra glasses of wine?" Rebekah said pulling them out of their moment. I nudged her in the ribs, "what I'm hungry" she whispers/shouted at me.

"they were having a moment" I whispered to her making Caroline roll her eyes, whilst smirking.

"Hey Scott, hurry up we haven't got all day" someone shouted from the kitchen.

"Sorry that is my friend Stiles, we have some stuff to do after shift," Scott said cringing at his friend.

"no, it's fine," Caroline said, and with that Scott walked away, round the back to the kitchen. After about 10 minutes our food was ready and he came out with some other boy.

"Hi I'm Stiles," he smiled at us.

"Here is your food, and are you free tomorrow," Scott said turning to Caroline, handing her a bit of paper.

"Sorry there is a Pagent in our town but you could be my date" Caroline suggested looking up to Scott.

"Sure, what town?" he asked probably wanting to be on time.

"Mystic Falls, around 11 o'clock," She said a smile on her face.

"Ok, I can come, could I bring my friends," He said looking over to Stiles and then turning to a group of people.

"yeah that would be great" Caroline nodded. Whilst all that was happening me and Rebekah had already eaten.

"Ok let's go," I said grabbing onto Rebekah, we walked out the door "guys, be careful tomorrow they are a pack, I didn't realize at first but then I smelt it on Stiles when he walked through the doors"

"Ok, we will" Caroline huffed and looked kinda disappointed. We got in the car and started to drive home when I got a Phone call.

"Hello, Sophia speaking," I said confused about who was calling me as I was out.

"Hello, I'm Mayor Lockwood, I was just making sure you are coming tomorrow as one of the lovely ladies that may be the next Miss Mystic Falls, and if you are you have a date and I must have their name" The Mayor beamed down the phone.

"Yes I will be taking part and my date is" I was cut off by Caroline snatching the phone from its place next to me.

"Stefan Salvatore will be her date" my mouth dropped open at her words, Stefan was my date?

"Ok, make sure he shows up, the last two times he was absent" the mayor sighed.

"We will make sure he is there, thank you, Carol," Caroline said hanging up the phone.

"What? He needed a date and so did you" Caroline explained seeing my glare at her.

"Stefan?, Care, I was going to go with my brother" me and Klaus agreed to go together if neither of us had a date.

"No, Sophia. Your agreement said if neither of you had a date you would go together. You have a date, he will have to find one." Rebekah butted in.

"Fine" I huffed in agreement "but if Klaus doesn't get a date he will have your heads not mine"

"Oh and don't worry, Stefan knows what color your dress is" Caroline added, causing me to roll my eyes at her.

"Sleepover?" Rebekah asked filling the silence "the dresses are at our house anyway"

"YESSSSSSSSSSS" Caroline squealed. I laughed at her childish behavior. To be honest I think we have all acted like 5-year-olds today.

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