Girls day

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We heard the front door open and in a few seconds She was at the door. A smile speed across her face "Yay I'm and Aunt, Hi little Serenity, I'm Auntie Caroline" she smiled.


Serenity smiled up to Caroline, reaching up to her face "aww I think she likes you care" Rebekah laughed.

I picked up Serenity and carried her out of cot, she giggled as she hugged her bunny teddy.

I walked towards Rebekah who was now sitting on my bed filming us. "Should I sing her a song to make her sleep?" I asked the others.

They nodded in response, Rebekah getting comfortable as she had heard my voice before. "Use your magic too, she will love it" she added.

I began to sing "Flower gleam and glow" I waved my magic around, "Let your power shine". Now there was a lifting bunny like illusion hopping around.

"Make the clock reverse" by now Klaus, Kol, Elijah and Marvel were standing by the door listening to me "bring back what once was mine".

I gently rocked her in my arms, seeing her dose off "heal what has been hurt"  I got up walking back towards her cot "change the fates design".

I placed her in the cot, my magic still around her protecting her "save what has been lost". A small made its way to my face seeing her "bring back what once was mine."

I let out a small sigh, before finishing off "what once was mine". Serenity was now sleeping peacefully, when I looked up seeing all the boys clapping the air, trying not to make noise.

"I missed your voice, I remember when we were kids and Mikael would beat me," Klaus paused cringing at the memory.

"you would always get one of Ayana's necklaces, and sing that song to heal him" Elijah finished for him.

"Well you lot just sat around doing nothing" I glared at my siblings "but that was in the past".

"Alright everyone let's got to sleep and girls you are shopping tomorrow, please take serenity with you. We have company tomorrow" Klaus stated, before leaving the room.

"You get some sleep Sophia, I will quickly go to the store to get her some baby milk and some clothes for tomorrow" Rebekah said looking at me.

"I'll come too, we will wake you up early just remember that" Caroline added pulling Rebekah out the room.


I woke up to Serenity crying, turning towards my alarm clock I saw that it was 8 am so I decided to get ready.

I walked over to Seren (short for serenity) and saw matching clothes for me and her with a note saying 'Me and Care found this for tomorrow -Bex'.

I grabbed the T-shirt and the small baby leotard, they were an off white colour with the words 'boss lady' on mine and 'mini boss' on Serens.

There was also this little bow headband that I put on her to make her look even cuter. I got changed at did a natural makeup look.

I walked into the kitchen, serenity in my arms, and grabbed a blood bag

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I walked into the kitchen, serenity in my arms, and grabbed a blood bag. I quickly drank it and grabbed two more for Rebekah and Caroline.

I walked to Rebekah's room and saw her and Marcel cuddling with Caroline hanging off the end of the bed.

"Care, Bex let's go" I shouted walking all three of them up. Caroline hummed in response before rolling off the bed onto the floor.

"Sophia what time is it, I don't wan-" Rebekah wined pausing when she looked at what I was wearing. "Your wearing the top yay" she laughed.

She got out of bed and ran into her closet, "I am going to be ready in like 2 seconds so go wait in the car" she shouted back to us.


The house was so busy, people unloading the cars that we bring to get the baby stuff, decorators, people to set up the IKEA stuff.

I sat on the couch with Seren in my arms "you are going to be the most spoilt girl in the world do you hear me" I cooed, tickling her baby.

"Little sister, the guests have arrived" I heard Klaus boom from the door. I turned to see Damon and Elena, Elena looked at me terrified.

"Why did you kidnap a baby, so you could feed from it, for a personal blood bank" my eyes widened at her words.

"How dare you come into my house as say that, she is my baby and I will care for her, more then I have cared for anyone." I glared at her "get out of my house"

"Now little sister, I have business with them we won't be two minutes" Klaus put his hands on my shoulders, calming me down.

I looked at Damon, but he was just looking at the floor "hey can I speak to Sophia" he said lifting his gaze from the floor. "Alone" he added as no one moved.

They nodded and left "I'm sorry Sophia" he paused taking a seat opposite me "I didn't mean to upset you, I didn't mean to take my brothers girl, I did a lot of things I shouldn't have done and I'm sorry"

"Damon, it's fine really. People say you need to find love to be happy and I think I found all the love in need right here" I looked down at serenity and smiled.

"She is all I need, and unlike any man she will be with me always and forever"

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