Unforgivable Curses

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The quartet make their way into the defense against the dark arts classroom, after much debate , and pulling Elizabeth away from Draco when Draco was going to get her to sit with him, Ron let Harry sit with Elizabeth after Hermione also convinced him that they would be fine next to each other, and that Ron could sit on the desk next to her.

The class is loudly talking while Harry and Elizabeth are talking.

"What was that letter you sent today?" Harry asks awkwardly to try and start a conversation. Elizabeth just smiles at his question, too oblivious to know of his feelings.

"It was for my parents,I told them about whats going on so far, and my house." She tells him politely. As he was about to continue the conversation the door slams open.

Alastor Moody hobbles into classroom and swiftly writes his name on the board.

"Ministry malcontent. And your new defense against the dark arts teacher. I'm here because Dumbledore asked me to, end of story, goodbye, the end. Any Questions? No? Good. When it comes to defense against the dark arts I prefer a more... practical approach. But first who can tell me how many unforgivable curses there are?"

Hermione raises her hand hesitantly.

He nods in her direction.

"3, sir."

"And they are so named?"

"Because they are unforgivable. Use of any one of them will..."

"Will earn you a one way ticket to Azkaban. Correct. Now the ministry says your too young to see what these curses do. I say different! You need to know what your up against, you need to be prepared, you need to find some place else to put your gum then under your desk Mr.Finnigan!"

"Ah no way he can see out the back of his head..." Finnigan says while wondering how he saw, but ends up getting a chalk throw at him by the teacher himself.

"So which curse shall we see first? Mr.Weasley!"

"Yes..." Ron replied hesitantly.

"Give me a curse."

"Well my dad did tell me about one... the imperious curse."

"Ahh yes your father would know about that. Gave the ministry quite a lot of grief a few years ago. Perhaps this will show you why."

Mad eye popped open a jar that contained a spider. He uses his wand to have it fly around the classroom, each and every student with their eyes on it.

"Don't worry, completely harmless."

That doesn't settle any of the students.

"But, if she bites... she's lethal!"

Draco laughs at people's jumps when the spider nears them.

"What are you laughing at?" Moody says while moving the spider onto Dracos face.

Elizabeth looks at him sadly as he freaks out, she wanted to help her friend but she knew she couldn't stand up to a teacher.

"Talented isn't she? What shall I have her do next? Jump out the window? Drown herself?"

He holds the spider over a bucket of water as it desperately tries to wiggly out of the hold on the imperious curse.

"Scores of witches and Wizards have claimed they only did you-know-whos bidding under the influence of the imperious curse. But here's the rub, how do we sort out the liars. Another.... another.... longbottom!"

Neville stands from his seat

"There's the um... cruciatus curse."

"Correct! A particularly nasty curse. The torture  curse."

Mad eye begins to use the curse on the spider.

Elizabeth feels tears dripping down her face, making her feel close to sobbing. The screams of the spider pained her to hear. It felt as if she could almost feel what the spider did. She couldn't move, not even when Harry tried to get her attention or Ron reached across the isle to hold his sisters hand. All she could focus on was the torture curse that continued to hurt the spider.

Neville was another story. He was thinking that his parents had to endure this. His parents weren't able to care for him because if this torturous curse. They would never see his graduation, his wedding, or when he became a teacher like he aspires to be. But this curse that was making the spider scream out in pain, stopped it from happening.

"Stop it! Can't you see it's bothering them! Stop it!"

Mad eye finally ends the curse. Neville was frozen and traumatized, Elizabeth was focusing on the darkness admitting from the curse. It clouded her senses and she felt terrified.

"Perhaps you could give us the last unforgivable curse Miss Granger?"

Hermione shakes her head, denying the request to even repeat the words of the killing curse.

Moody casts the spell on the spider and it disintegrates.

"The killing curse. Only one person has been known to have survived it. And he is sitting in this room." He finishes while looking at Harry. He approaches him and drinks out of his flask.

They leave the class and Neville stands by the window sill shaking. Hermione attempts to comfort him, while Harry and Ron are trying to lead Elizabeth down the stairs. She begins to feel better as she walks away from the classroom.

Moody comes at invites Neville to some tea. Hermione doesn't trust Moody but let's Neville follow him.

Draco approaches the group, he was concerned for his new best friend. Which felt weird since he never cared about anyone really.

He completely ignored the trio on either sides of her.

"Lil?" He questions softly, shocking the trio mildly as they never heard him speak softly in their 4 years of knowing him.

"Dragon." She says while giving him a hug. He holds her tightly and has his arms around her waist and his other hand on her head.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" He questioned softly in her ear so the trio couldn't hear.

She softly shakes her head no.

"Im going to go to the common room. Can you take some notes for me in the other classes we share?"

"Of course." He says and kisses her forehead then walks off.

Meanwhile a shocked Ron and Hermione and a jealous Harry were left behind.

"I'm going to go to the common room." She says before running of to the common room. Ignoring her friends and brother to come back. They decided to let her have some space but that didn't stop them from worrying. Ron and Harry especially.

She makes it to the common room and the portrait lets her in seeing her uniform and condition. She darts in and runs to the girls dorm. She sits in the little nook of the window with a pillow on her lap. Still feeling the dark energy that surrounded her as the curses progressed.

She didn't understand it.

She didn't understand it

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