New Friend

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I cant remember when they announced the tournament in the movie nor the book so I'll just make it up 😆


Before they were released someone at a different table watched the silver blonde haired girl run out of the great hall. When they saw they had a chance they snuck out of the hall to go find the girl. They walked down the hallway and saw her sitting against the wall. They quietly went and sat down next to her.

"Are you okay?" They figure asked.

"Yes, just got a little overwhelmed." She whispered nervous around the new person and trying not to sound like a baby. Elizabeth was disappointed that she could even last 10 minutes in the great hall, how was she going to got to classes or get food or even walk in the hallways.

"It's fine, there is a lot of people, especially since there's Durmstrang and Beauxbatons." They replied trying to make there reaction justified.

"Mhmm." Elizabeth hummed in agreement.

"What's your name?" They asked.

"Elizabeth Weasley." She looks over and see the questioning look on their face.

"I'm adopted." She clarifies but she is still fairly quiet but warming up. She doesn't understand why she feels like she is already adapting to them.


"What's your name?" Elizabeth asks she remembered briefly seeing them but she couldn't hear much over her heartbeat from her nerves.

They raised an eyebrow, he'd assumed her family told her all about him.

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." He says holding out his hand for her to shakes.

"Well It's nice to meet you Draco." She giggles quietly and shakes his hand. Still an abnormal action just as it did with Harry a few years ago.

"Do you want to go back in?" Draco asked her softly. He didn't know why he wanted to befriend the girl, nor did he understand why he was being so soft but he allowed himself to, just for her.



They sat silently for a few minutes and began to ask each other questions.

"What house are you in?" She asked him.

"S-Slytherin."  He stuttered a little because he was ready for the backlash, a lot of people didn't like him, but a lot more didn't just cause he was a Slytherin.

"Oh cool! How do you like it?" She asked with no show of fear or mocking. His eyes winded in surprise but he just chuckled under his breath. He should have known this tiny, doe eyed girl wasn't discriminating against other houses.

"I like it, my whole family are basically al Slytherin so it works out." He shrugs he never had anyone ask how he liked his house, they just assumed he whole heartedly did.

"Whats your favorite colors?" Elizabeth asked.

"Dark Green and Silver. What's yours?"

"Peach and black." She said with a shrug. His eyes widened a little at the black. She looked more like a light pink kind of girl but she continued to surprise him.

"Do you have any Nicknames?" She asked.

"Not really, This annoying girl calls me Drakey but I don't like it." He shudders and she laughs quietly at his tone.

"I'll find you a good one then... how about Dragon. Draco is Latin for Dragon so it works!" She says excitingly and looks at him with puppy eyes. She was so short she basically tilted her head all the way back to see his face.

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